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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

My little Pixies

I can't believe I have actually finished this hat!!

Knitting is not my thing, patchwork and quilting is more my craft with a little bit or 'try hard' sewing, but when I spotted this pattern at my favorite blog 'Soule Mama' back at the beginning of January, it looked sooooo cute I had to give it ago and 'hey presto' I've done it! Ok, so it's not as good as Soule Mama's, but not bad for a first go at knitting if I do say so myself!!

It wasn't all that straight forward though, as I posted back on the 6th February, but two weeks on and a couple of starts (about five and a mum to point me in the right direction) and pulling apart I got there.

Once I got going it seemed to just fall together, even for a complete and utter beginner like me and I actually found it very therapeutic, just a couple of rows a night (well maybe six), but it hasn't taken long at all.

Now the dilemma, who is the hat for? Well I made it for Tabi, but as you can see, she wouldn't keep it on her head. Florence and I had to goad her into a corner and pull silly faces just to get these photos, so Florence offered to model, but she wouldn't let her wear it either.

One thing we did agree on was to add a little crochet (I can't do that either, can you tell?) flower and Florence chose a little pink vintage flower button from my button box.

What I can't decide on is whether to knit the ties that attach to it, mmmmmm maybe later, let's see if it gets any wear.

For now though Florence thinks she looks like a goblin out of 'Little Bear', so I guess it can sit on a shelf and will probably end up in the dressing up box for 'Goblin' role play, but I really don't care, I made it and love it and whatever its use I enjoyed making it.

Now, for my next project.