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Diablo Crazy

Has the whole country gone Diablo crazy or is it just our small part of it?!?

I have watched every year at Folk Week in Broadstairs people playing this game and if I'm honest not too many people pay attention...

...but for the past six months now I would say the trend has increased tremendously, certainly at William's school. I nearly got brained last month by one whilst waiting for him in the playground.

Up until this point Will hasn't been interested, I'm not too sure why because whenever the latest 'must have' happens (which feels like every other week) William is at the forefront with hands outstretched.

Last week it was GoGo's Crazy Bones and week before that 'Match Attax' then YuGiOh's, Pokemon, GoGo's again, Doctor Who, etcetera, etcetera.

Not that we indulge him, that's what chores and pocket money are for, but and there is always a 'but' that was until his best friend caught the 'Diablo' bug so now William has!!

Fortunately for William it's his birthday, very soon, so as an early present a 'Diablo' arrived in the post this morning and he is chuffed to bits!

I just hope this latest craze lasts a while, but then I guess like all fazes they always come round again 'sigh' she says!!

ps. I would like to apologise to my mum for my post yesterday. Apparently 'Women's Weekly' is 'too old hat' and she never read it!! sorry mum xx

(I will have to be more careful what I write in the future!)