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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Red and White

I've finally finished my red and white granny squares - yeah!! A bit of self congratulating there I know, but I am feeling really rather chuffed with myself at the moment.

I only had enough white yarn to make nine squares in total in the end so as a blanket I figured it would make a very (tiny) poor addition to the Tabiboo household even if I did try and fluff it out with edgings plus being the impatient crafter that I am I've decided the perfect thing for my red and white squares would be to transform them into a...

cushion cover! 'Yeah' I hear you all shout - or not (maybe).

Red is my absolute favourite colour so it will fit in nicely with all the other 'red' accessories I have decorated our home with.

So all I need to do now is find a backing. I'm guessing an old jumper felted would be the right thing to match it with and as I'm the queen of jumpers (I feel the cold - a lot!) finding the perfect colour co-ordinated sweater shouldn't be a problem - you'd think!

The problem I do 'or' will have and this is a question posted out there to all my lovely blogging friends is - how do I attach the two different 'woolly' (granny squares and felted jumper) items together to make myself a square cushion cover? I'm guessing I can't just sew them together as I would normally do with fabric and as I've worked soooooo hard (you wouldn't believe the amount of concentration that has gone into making these squares!) I really do not want to bodge it just to satisfy my impatience as that would be a pure waste and I know if I rush or guess this critical part I 'will' bodge it! Any advice or suggestions would be very 'very' gratefully accepted.

Anyhow, many, many thanks in advance (I'm hoping) and have a lovely, lovely, lovely day - only one and a half days left of school now and then the alarm clock is getting ditched in a draw under a lot of padding for a whole seven weeks!! xox