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Rowan Crochet Workshop

I've been 'ummming' and 'aaahhhhing' for ages now about investing in a good crochet book, but with so many on offer out there - what do you choose?

Being a beginner with a head that jumbles things up at the best of times something so simply as reading a pattern can turn my usual calm approach to most things into a head that feels like it is about to explode.
It is just all double dutch to me!!

So after spending what feels like an age on Amazon searching, reading reviews, asking fellow bloggers advice (thanks guys) I think I've found the perfect follow on book - for me anyhow.

A book I'm hoping will give me the next step up from some of the more simpler step by step (verbal) patterns I've been using on the Internet - which I have to say are an absolute invaluable source and I most definitely could not live without.

But progress I must as I do love this new found craft.

Not that I will solely be crafting just crochet these days 'oh no' I do have a head full of ideas that need sorting, categorising and filing away for a rainy day when I can actually have the time to think about each one.

Anyhow, back to the book. After much looking around I decided on this book - the Rowen Crochet Workshop

Now I wouldn't say this is a step by step verbal (wrap the yarn around the hook) kind of book, but it does have lots of illustration and a mass of ideas in a terminology that I can just about understand.

So deviating from the blanket yesterday I picked up a new hook and a bit of left over yarn and had a go at making a crochet button.

It took me four attempts to fathom out what I should (kind of) be doing and I'm still not sure if I followed the pattern correctly as even though it was a 'refer to a previous tutorial in three easy picture steps' then continue, I am not that confidant I truly understood but.......

{the ring was a present from my lovely friend Mrs Bobo Bun}

....I am happy with the end result and it only took me roughly around half an hour - which is about the maximum length of concentration time my little ones will allow me.

{view from the back of the button}

Gawd knows what I'll use it on, in, for.......but it was good fun just trying something different.

Do you have any firm favourites, easy to follow that you refer to time and again crochet books??

Have a lovely day - the mist and rain have lifted here, but it is still grey!!