Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Well it's that time of year again and the season has already started to begin down here.

With another gloriously warm and sunny day, the littlest Boo and I headed down to the beach for a stroll and some face tingly rays yesterday morning.

All around us people were busying themselves painting beach huts, putting kiosks up and it looked like the beach had been flattened only earlier that morning with ribbons of monster tyre tracks rolling across the sand.

It was quite nice to watch the pottering going on whilst little Boo and I strolled along - well I strolled and little Boo galloped!! Heading to our favourite bacon buttie, mug of tea and ice cream shack on the beach.

And with more of this beautiful weather set in for the best part of the week with only a possible smattering of rain sometime tomorrow I think we will be spending a jolly good amount of time down on the seafront this weekend.

Here's to the start of the season and the lull before the crowds descend - just for a couple of weeks anyway.

Have a great day and I hope your not nursing too sore a head from last nights festivities?!