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No Complaints

Well that's another week gone by and it's almost the weekend, but being grey and rainy here on our little Southern tip today Little Boo and I are stuck indoors feeling like we are on house arrest (again) rattling around finding fun and interesting things to do!

But the last of our play dough is looking like the weather today all grey and yucky, so what better way to waste a morning then mix up a new batch of dough.

Now I have to confess I've only ever tried to make play dough the once and it came out all sticky and useless and no matter how hard I mixed it, it would not come together so in the bin it went and off to the supermarket I was a complete and utter disaster - not very domestic goddess, I know.

But after reading this post by the ever so lovely Sew Obsessed and finding these instruction - the no cook variety seemed positively the way to go - how difficult could it be??

So with ingredients to hand and a little helper stood tippity toes on her stool I measured and mixed whilst Little Miss sprinkled glitter - more ended up on her face, but that's the fun making your own.

I did ask her if she wanted pink, but 'no' came the reply, pink is for big sis, it has to be red mama (both our favourite colour) - so red dough it became with blue glitter!

Then with some vigorously mixing and a little cooling time we had a bowl of dough - hey presto, just like that.

So if anyone asks me later in the playground 'what have you been doing today Mrs T?' well my reply will be.............'today I have mostly been making red play dough with blue sprinkles - what do you think of that?'

This was a really easy thing to make and for fifteen minutes of making it has given the little one a whole morning of entertainment.

So even if the weather is glum and we are stuck indoors again I really can not complain about a thing, no sirree.

Can I?

Most definitely not - no complaints from me!

Have a fabulous weekend - we've a bathroom to decorate, but that's another story!!!