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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


This time ten years ago...........I always go through the same thought process every March 28th.

Well what I was actually thinking was 'oh my word' in the year Twenty Ten I will have a ten year old. The bizarre things that go through your head when your having a baby.

And here we are, that is exactly what I have - a ten year!

The Eldest Boo is ten today and the excitement that has lead up to this birthday - phew is all I can say, PHEW!

'In sixty four days it's my birthday!'

'Do you know mum, it's my birthday in twenty two days!'

'Only six more days until it's my birthday!'

'Did you know..........aaaarrrggggghhhhh!'

And as for yesterday.........well let's just say I considered climbing back into bed until today emerged, but with cakes to bake, presents to wrap and the tension mounting that was not possible - I think we hit fever pitch at about 9.30 yesterday...........morning!!

So what to do with an excited nine, almost ten year old?? Keep them busy!!

And guess what time we were up this morning?

Well 7.30am, which isn't too bad all considered, but if you take into account British Summertime started at midnight last night and the fact the clocks went forward an hour, we're talking more like 6.30am this morning - the eldest boo was up at 5.30am!! I found him bleary eyed, but very, very excited curled up on the sofa watching TV - boys!!

Anyhow, it's my eldests birthday today, my first born, my only boy, my beautiful big blue eyed, charming young man.

It was touch and go those first two weeks with an 85% chance of him not surviving, but he did and it's best not to dwell, which is why I have the same thought process every year.

Though when he thinks I'm not looking I catch a glimpse of him from the corner of my eye and the awesome reality of this wonderfully talented young man he's grown into, well it's just the most over whelming feeling any mother could have.

Frustrating shy with a stubborn streak (mothers side!) - hence the frustrating bit!! A dazzling smile that has broken countless hearts since the age of two - not that he would notice, he's so laid back you could say horizontal!!

With a wicked laugh and dastardly sense of humour, happy birthday my gorgeous boy,

'Happy Birthday my Will'

Here's to many, many more and the life that lays in front of you - for I know that what ever you choose to do you will do it with confidence, charisma and a little touch of cheek!

'With all my love'

and Twenty Twenty!!