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Bathroom Makeover

Well here it is 'finally' - our bathroom makeover.

Not very exciting I know and to be perfectly honest it's not 100% most things in our home, but with only another lick of paint needed here and there and a cabinet to house the hard stuff (paracetamol & Calpol) I am fairly confident I can say I'm happy with what we've far!

Now then, you'll have to bear with me on this as I have no before pictures, just the after ones.

Honestly I was sooooooo ashamed of that bathroom, really honestly I was. Andddddd I'm absolutely rubbish at taking 'room' pictures, gawd knows why, but I am. Give me an item to focus on and flip around, no problem. But zooming out and taking a bigger picture - 'rubbish!'

Anyway, taking all the work that needed to be done into account, we decided to work with what we already had (tiles/toilet/shower.....sink blah, blah, blah) it still went well over budget, but fingers crossed unless something falls down like the ceiling 'or' blows up like the toilet (unless I get to it first!!) then we'll not have to do anything more to this little bathroom/toilet of ours.

OK, so your probably wondering what I meant by 'unless I get to it first' with the toilet?

Well let's just put it this way - the seat is disgusting and I hate, hate, hate it, (no pictures I'm afraid as it is truly frightful) but unless they start making that specific design of loo lid again or we rip it out and start all over (no such luck) then it has to stay put........for now.

Then again accidents do happen and you never know 'whoopsie daisy' I may have a little mind melt one day with a sledge hammer (once I've turned the water off of course first) slip and 'oh darn it' a great big unfixable crack appears - in a porcelain kind of way that is - you knew I meant porcelain, right? (cough cough!)

Righto, back to the bathroom.

What we basically had done was :: a new ceiling, lights and rewiring put in. Fresh paint, towels and some new accessories. And cabinets 'oh' how I've dreamed of having cabinets in our bathroom and hey presto, at least one month later (un huh) one tidy bathroom and a place of sanctuary to wash, groom and 'um' relieve oneself.....ahem.

Well I guess there's not much else you can say about a bathroom really apart from I'm glad we finally got round to sorting it out and chuffed it looks half decent and relieved (in a big sigh kind of way!!) that one room is done.


Not for a while maybe. Think I'll let the paint dry first before we tuck into another room and judging by my 'I've just scrubbed a bathroom' look - it may be some time!!

ps. not that you would be interested, but if you are......the paint is Farrow and Balls 'Light Blue' the cabinet is from Ikea, Birdie dish and Lily pad dish - Folksy, Radiator - Plumbworld, Shower Curtain - Homebase, Towels TKMaxx, Light pulls are from Bathroom Trends, Broadstairs Travel Poster - and Face Mitts - Cath Kidston.......all the rest we already had.