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Chocolate Eclairs

...profiteroles, a Bobby's Foot, creamy chocolaty bun - who cares what they are called, they are delicious and my all time favourite cakey treat.

They have to be homemade with fresh ingredients, none of this processed, artificial, custard filled 'yuck' and in my opinion my mum makes the best, but alas I have failed for the past twenty odd years at creating my own.

Blimey that makes me sound old, but my adult cooking adventures started when I was about eighteen - so not that old really. Plus all my previous culinary dabblings had been in the fairy cakes and cheese on toast department 'only' - so no real experience, at all.

Though gawd knows why I had the inability in my twenties and now thirties to produce such lovely pastries is beyond me because naturally, the older I've got the better my cooking/baking has become. Even under the watchful eye of my mum one day I could not master choux pastry.

But beyond me = no more!!

For some bizarre reason I just wanted to have another go at making some on Sunday - you'd think I'd of given up by now. But no, persist I must and I'm sooooooooo glad I did.

Let me explain :: You see I've bought a book (recently) a gorgeous, mouth watering, packed full of pretty pictures and inspiration alike, on a whim (as I do) book - this is where I made my scones from on Easter Sunday, though with a cheesy twist.

Anyway, I finally knocked up my first (successful) batch of chocolate eclairs (that's what I call them) at the weekend and 'mmmmmmmmm' how good do these little pastry delights taste?? VERY good indeed!!

I can't really say it was beginners luck as I do tend to have a bash at making these every couple of years or so. Though whether it was a fluke or not - I'm now throwing my hands up in the air and shrugging my shoulders in a 'I don't know' kind of way, who knows.

And just to double check, I had to have another one with my mug of strong tea in the back garden yesterday, just to make sure they tasted OK that is.

Nope, that was thoroughly disgusting (cough, cough) as you can see!! I'm amazed there is any pattern left on that plate.

Only joking.

What I do know though is that they are absolutely delicious (you'll have to trust me on this one) but alas all gone now. Though I will be trying to make these again really really soon - I just need to give my hips a little rest after all that pastry, cream and chocolate.

Tasty though - 'mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm!!!!'

Hope you have a lovely sunny, cake filled day ::