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Decorated Eggs

Or just the one really!

I've been absolutely pants this year pre crafting anything with the children for Easter, unlike last year that is, but in my defence I do have a really really good excuse - honest.

OK, so what with sicknesses, Mr T's birthday on Good Friday, blimey that's tomorrow! Mine on Saturday and then there's Easter Sunday on top of all that, other preparations for the up and coming weekend have somewhat got in the way.

Though I know my little ones won't mind this year - as long as the Easter bunny doesn't forget to visit then all will be tickety boo!

Unlike the Tooth Fairy, she forgot twice when the middle boo was born....ooopps!! She can be soooooo forgetful sometimes 'naughty tooth fairy' but better late then never and with a jolly good excuse a lovely little letter plus extra coinage did the trick.

Anyway, back to the decorated egg.

This little offering only came about because of a 'Decorate an Egg' competition for school, but being a poor excuse for a mum, rather then blow an egg - oh the joys!!! I pinched Kirsty's at Sixty One A idea of decorating a polystyrene one with fabric (thank you Kirsty your a mum saver xx) though ours 'or' should I say Little Miss F's became a patchwork of colour, pattern, sequins and glitter glue - unlike Kirsty's gorgeously decorated ones!

At least I can say though Effie did 99% of the work all by herself - I just put the ribbon on for her.

Unlike some of the obvious perfectly hand blown, hand decorated, crafted offerings I've spied being taken in!

Anyhow, in true Blue Peter style ::

:: here's the finished egg.

Have a super Easter break and I hope the Easter bunny is generous! And if I don't pop in over the weekend then have a good one.