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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Helloooooo - did you have a good weekend??

We had a change of plan on Saturday - it's always good not to stick with the plan, don't you think......ahem!

And I do like spontaneous, rather then planned that is.

Soooooooo, instead of heading to Hastings as originally decided we detoured - not too far from the original idea to Battle ................'The Battle of Hastings' to be precise.


Welllllll taking into account my weird way of justifying things 'of course!'.............on the coast it was sunny, though still a tad 'too' nippy for my liking plus we live on the coast and can go and see the sea anytime we like but inland, the countryside and the weather was glorious, face tingling, ice cream eating, mooching around and then back home again with red noses and cheeks 'gor'geous!!

'Oh' and did I mention - the countryside?!

And I do like to get my fix of the country every now and again just like I need the woods - though that's a little bit more often.

And with the daffs in full bloom, blossom starting to pop out of their buds and signs of Spring positively bursting all around us the countryside was a pretty good place to be on a hot and sunny day.

And then not wanting to short change our day out as it had taken almost two hours to get there - I'll just say British Rail, line crossing repairs and leave it at that!! We had a short stop off on the way home at Rye. All three are not that far away from each other really and I'm jolly glad we detoured.

I love Rye with it steep cobbled streets - a sod with the buggy, but ever so quaint and charming and of course in later life home to the wonderfully funny and ever so talented Spike Milligan.

Not many pictures I'm afraid of Rye - too many blooming tourists (she says) getting in my way!!

So that was our Saturday - a very long day with detour (both ways) along the coastal road of Sussex and Kent, but a much enjoyed day with sun touched cheeks and exhausted sleeping babes in the back of the car, well worth the effort, but 'phew' I was totally shattered - thank gawd for lazy Sundays.......and chocolate eclairs!! - I've finally mastered and made some mum....I'll show you tomorrow.