Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Black and Gold

...with a little bit of green added for decoration, but that will be for show later.

Just another little makey thing I've decided to jump right on in to whilst I wait for my new dressmaking books to arrive from Japan.

A little something for the Summer though if I'm honest.......I'm not too sure about the colour or the fabric, but hey ho let's give it a go. It can always be my mock up.

Though until I've actually finished it I guess I'll just have to wait before I pass a full judgement.

And from the pictures I've taken I'm sure it's not too difficult to guess what I'm making and where I'm making it from.

Let's just say another 'Sew Liberated' pattern and 'oh' how I do love these patterns.

Just another thing I guess to keep me busy this bank holiday weekend - ahem!

And as I feel like I'm saying this a lot these days ::

I'll keep you posted...............literally!!