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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Fabric Scrumptious

With all that has been going on around here recently in the Tabiboo household I completely forgot to show you the fabric I hinted at buying for some new makey clothes I have in mind.

After getting carried away with the Sew Liberated 'School House Tunic' I made back at the beginning of the month and with my growing sewing/dressmaking skills I've kind of become completely (and utterly) crazed and probably a little too heady (ahem!) with all the new things I want to or should I say 'would like to' make for my fresh new wardrobe look.

Also is it just me or do you find it really hard as well finding anything that suits or is to your taste without dressing like a mass produced clone? Plus being on the short side doesn't help either!! I've become pretty good at taking things up and in.

But as usual things haven't quite gone to plan.

In all honesty I did have to wait a wee while for the fabric to be delivered and I kind of became a bit lost in the interim, but with said fabric now in my possession the only thing left to do is 'SEW!!'

Well that is when my new book arrives from Japan!!

I know, I know another new Mrs Boo venture, but 'OMG!' how gorgeous and creative and just me, me, me are all the lovely designs, fabric and patterns coming out of Japan?

Anyhow, I'll fill you in when it's delivered for I have been planning 'oh yes' a little creative ticking has been going on in my mind.......and I do like being a little sneaky - sometimes!

Anyway, the fabric patterns I bought are Amy Butlers Midwest Modern 'Blossom' and another variation on the Daisy Chain plus........two patterns by Denyse Schmidt who I have only just recently stumbled across and 'oh my word' how much do I love these vintage patterns? Let's just say - a lot!!

Well best go and as they say......until next time my friends, until next time.

Have a smashing day