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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Hello, hello....did you have a lovely weekend??

Well it's that time of year again for the Tabiboo's and this weekend saw us picking up the keys for the Summer beach hut and moving some of our belongings in.

Well filling the car up, kids and all, bundling down there, kicking open the doors, dumping everything inside then turning around and leaving pretty sharpish because 'bbrrrrrrrrrrr' what's happened to the weather, warmth and sun?

Looking back at pictures this time last year I'm sure I spied the odd floaty skirt or two and there was most definitely some ankle on show - daring, I know!!

But so far (this past week) the beginning of May has been a rather chilly affair with the heating still on and most evenings you can find me curled up huddled under a mass of blankets with a nip of something strong to take the edge off - if you know what I mean??

Anyhow, beach hut, moving....where was I?

Well not much to say really......we're in (for the duration of the Summer) we need to unpack, put up shelves, bunting, curtains and all that kind of malarkey that goes with the 'keeping up with the Jones' beach hut housekeeping....really you should see the inside (and outside) of some of them.

Don't get me wrong some are absolutely gorgeous.......creatively decorated, inside and out. Almost a home from home you could say.

But for us with wet towels, sand, shells, bits of rock, seaweed and all the other chaotic stuff that goes with having a young family, it's more of a place to store deck chairs, windbreaks and wetsuits with the convenience of being able to make a bacon sandwich and cup of coffee.

Though I do wish we had a beautifully decked out hut with sweet little shelves and oilcloth and all that is vintage and pretty. Maybe one day.......maybe.

But at the moment this is our way and the only thing I'm worrying about is how much time we will be spending down there......daft I know, but it's any one's guess with the way the weather is at the moment. Though saying that, as I type the sun has come out and I can feel warmth 'yep' warm rays gently resting on my back.....promise, maybe?

But just in case it's a one off.......hurry up Mrs Sun so I can get those ankles out again.....and dare I say, maybe even a knee or two!!

Have a brilliant start to the week and in case you think I've forgotten (honestly) - moi! I did make something at the weekend and I did wear it and I will show you tomorrow....naff pictures and all!

Have a good one