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Schoolhouse Tunic

Drum roll here it is, my Sew Liberated 'Schoolhouse tunic' for any of you that didn't guess.

OK, so what do you think??

In all the excitement to make myself something and after having everything already pre cut out to begin my weekend of sewing I actually spent most of Friday evening whipping this little number up and Saturday finishing off so not quite the weekend of sew, sew, sew I had in mind......but I have made myself something and I actually got to wear it all in one weekend so not too bad on the work front, don't you think?

I have never actually made a jot of clothing for myself in fear that it would rip if I sat down or bent over or even worse fall apart after one wash. But both worn and washed my schoolhouse tunic is still intact and I absolutely love, love, lurrrrrrve it.

The fabric is perfect 'Amy Butlers - Daisy Chain' with a tiny bit of stretch and the pattern fits me in all the 'right places' if you know what I mean?

Underarm, chest, back and bottom all have a tick and once the pain of tracing out the pattern and cutting up the fabric was out of the way my little tunic took no time at all to come together.

I did hand stitch part of the front placket as not wanting to be 'too' revealing and if I make another one, which I will (fabric already purchased!) then I would probably make the bottom skirt a little bit less wide 'or' put bigger pleats in.

So anyway, back to my opening line 'what do you think?'

From all you professional sewers out there, does it sit right? The length look OK? Does my bum look big in it?

I guess I shouldn't really ask as all that truly matters is whether I like it or not and 'I do!'

I can wear it as a tunic with jeans, leggings or tights and being on the short side, in the Summer it would fit perfectly and look great as a dress in an Alys Fowler kind of way - I may even don my wellies on warm, but rainy days!!

Anyhow, for anyone that's interested....the pattern is a Sew Liberated and as already mentioned the fabric 'Amy Butler' I bought both the pattern and fabric from Backstitch and they have a blog as well all delivered really promptly, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.

That's me done for today. I hope you have a really lovely day and that it's not too cold, rainy or chilly where you are?

Have a good one