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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Spring Greens

Hello, hello...can you believe we are in 'May' already?? Where has this year gone?

I think I may of hibernated a wee too long this year as the last thing I remember in my hazy mum filled, child swamped, house and garden renovating days was snow.....and a lot of it!!

And now it's May.

Easter has flown past which means I'm a year older and the children have grown a few more inches so I've probably shrunk a few, hey ho!

Back to the Spring though and it's greenery 'or' just the one in this case. I made this little top (below) a while back now for the littlest Boo. I think it was over the Easter Spring break using this book and a selection of Amy Butler fabric I've had hoarded away for at least a year now, possibly two!

Now diverting away from the top, just a while and shifting my attention to 'the book' for a moment. I do have to say if you have little ones (aged 0-5) and love making clothes then this book is absolutely gorgeous.

Emma has produced some lovely books, you may of heard of 'Sewing in no Time' or 'Green Crafts for Children?' plus countless others. I source most of my books from Amazon.

Anyhow, being as honest as I can be, there is not an outfit in this book that I think 'mmmmmm nice picture, but in reality....really?'

Every page not only has the most gorgeous, dreamy little clothes to make with straight forward instructions to follow, but they also look extremely easy - the top was really easy, honest - an afternoon (undisturbed) max and.......if I can do it then come on, anyone can!

Though I did have to add a separate colour band around the bottom as I found the top came up way too short, even for Little Miss Boo who takes after her hobbit like mum. But this just means she can wear it either as a tunic over jeans or leggings or as a dress with tights or dare I say just sandals when it gets warmer.

Though next time I'll just alter the pattern - it's all a learning curve, which is a good thing, always.

Anyway, as long as I can remember I've always been keen on making my own clothes (I blame the film Pretty in Pink!) probably since being a child. But with little know how and no one to lean on to guide me in the right direction I've kind of just picked things up along the way, experimenting here and there I guess and just giving it a go.

Plus getting a computerised sewing machine for my birthday helped. Cheating slightly I know, but it works for me and has taken so much pain, countless mistakes, frustration and guessing out of the whole sewing equation.

Though I do have to can't read a pattern, there are limits (unfortunately) which is why making this little top for the littlest Boo has been under wraps for quite a while now - it's a personal confidence thing I guess, but on the flip side it is also my little makey pride and joy.

Also little Boo absolutely adores it which is all the praise I need really ::

'I look like a princess mama' are her words when she puts it on.

And my reply?

'Yes sweetie, you do'


:: back tracking slightly - thank you for all your messages last week, sorry I haven't replied to all, but on top of the busted shoulder I've also been extremely run down recently. So much so we've all got stinking colds now, so something has been harbouring in our little family, but it's great to know you're all out there sending your get well wishes, it's a tonic in itself. N xXx