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Devon 2010 {part 3}

and some other holidaying stuff!!

:: Berry Head, Totnes Castle, Berry Pomeroy Castle, Stonehenge and Wisley ::

I've been trying to write this post for the past twenty four hours now, but I just can't seem to make it all come together.

Well not in my usual way that is, so I thought I would post the last of our photos from our trip to Devon - all in one go so it might be best to get a packet of biscuits, cup of tea and a comfy cushion for this is going to be a bit of a long one, sorry.

I was also thinking that maybe I would just mainly post the pictures with a lot less waffle and let the photos do the talking.....hopefully xxx.

Okay, so the last trip we made in our little car for five was out to Berry Head, Brixham.

If you ever make it out or down that far it is well worth the visit with it's jaw dropping views and take your breath away scenery and the wildlife both feathered and flowered is just as spectacular as the visual.

On a clear day you can (apparently) see for miles - unfortunately for us it was quite sea misty, but the view that we had was still spectacular.

Where I was quite happy to stand at the most farthest edge and peer on down to the cliffs and ocean below (which I did do a fair few times, scaring the pants off Mr T) we both did panic a little with the kiddies and made sure they didn't run or wander off.

We must of looked like a couple of shepherds herding our flock. Negotiating, navigating and keeping a very close eye on our little ones.

We picnicked on Berry Head, sat in the sun eating ice creams. Watched the wildlife, fishermen and fellow holidayers bobbing about in their boats, but we had to pick ourselves up and head back at some point so back to the car we trotted. But...

...leaving Berry Head and heading home we thought (well Mr T did) that it would be a good idea to stop off at Berry Pomeroy Castle - I was somewhat more reluctant. Why??

Wellllll apparently it is extremely, extremely haunted!! One of the most haunted to put it more precisely and I really do not do haunted places - at all.

Now I'm not too sure whether it was my reluctance that was making my heart go skippity skip really really fast which in turn was making me feel sick, but my intuition was spot on - I did not like this all.

So quickly taking some snaps I hastily returned to the safety of the English Heritage cafe to let my heart (and over active imagination) calm down! This one was best left for my brave heart, spider catching boys!!

With our week quickly coming to an end we decided to spend the rest of our holiday nearer to the cottage with a lots of lazing around down by the river, sipping cold fizz and eating strawberries, but of course, we couldn't leave without a trip into Totnes (the most local town) on our last day.

Gawd knows why we had left it until last because out of all of the places we'd visited over the past week, Totnes was (most definitely) the place for me.

Shops, shops and an 'oh so' lovely high street stretched out up on to a (very) steep hill with more beautiful shops.

Great for going down, but not so good coming back up again with a buggy full of shopping and three little ones in tow, but I couldn't resist popping into Seasalt and the many delightful charity shops.

Did I mention the shops? All lined up (and down) were the most gorgeous of shops - Gazebo, Vintage Shops and many, many more plus cakes shops to die for and I do have to confess that we did sit in the grounds of the church scoffing our faces with a cream bun or two!!

Even Mr T was smitten with Totnes and I have to say it takes a lot to impress him especially walking around a town.

Though the only decent pictures I have I'm afraid are from the castle as it was far too busy to snap a perfect pic of the deliciously delightful Totnes - too many people getting in my way - did they not know I was on holiday?

Then before we knew it, all too soon our little holiday was over and we were homeward bound the A303 - least said I'm thinking!!

It wasn't too bad crawling along in a bumper to bumper kind of way and being the hottest day so far all week it wasn't until I got out of the car I realised how hot it actually was.

Stonehenge our midway stop off and a well needed lunch and loo break.

Though I think many a weary traveller had the very same idea, because I have never seen it so busy before.

Not stopping long we jumped back in the car and into the arms of the wonderful Mrs air con, much to my relief!

Heading back to my folks in Hampshire for an overnight stop, a BBQ and catch up with family.

Now you thought that was it 'oh no' not quite yet and never doing anything by halves. Us little Tabiboo's we're not quite ready for our little holiday to be over - not just yet.

So off to RHS Wisley we pootled (en route) for a quick stop off and not wanting to spend allllll day (well a couple of hours that is) in the car - again.

Because the day was really hot (again) and quite quickly we all began to fell like we were melting. So a quick whizz around, lunch by the fountain an ice cream and browse in the garden shop then not being able to put it off any longer it was, most definitely time to head for home.

...our holidaying all over!

All done, all posted, all catergorised and remembered. Something to look back on and to remember.

One of the best breaks away I can remember in a long while. A beautiful part of the country and one I feel we will be visiting many many more times to come, with maybe even something a bit more permanent planned for the future - fingers crossed.

Phew. That must be one of my longest postings - ever! I hope you're still awake? Or all biscuited out at least.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you to all of you that commented and humoured me over this past week on our holiday snaps, for your remarks and invaluble advice are what keeps my little blog ticking over.