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Devon 2010 {part two}

:: Dartmouth, Salcombe and The Beach ::

Hello, hello I'm here again - just!

I think I'm suffering with post holiday related syndrome as I'm finding it really, really hard to get back into the swing of things and I mean really hard. I seem to be finding myself (mostly) this week walking around, fluffing stuff up and generally pottering about, but as to actually sitting down at the computer....'oh well' hopefully my 'umph' will come back soonish.

Anyhow, where did I leave you 'oh yes' Bank Holiday Monday and Dartmouth.

The sun was shining the sky a beautiful deep blue and the temperature gradually rising and........I think everyone had the same idea that Monday as it was (most definitely) absolutely chocker block in Dartmouth.

Either that or Dartmouth is either extremely populated or very very enticing to one and all....I'm guessing the latter as it was ever so charming. I mean it absolutely charmed me and I do love being flirted with, every now and again that is and Dartmouth definitely batted it's eyelashes at me......more then once may I add! Swoon some stuff alright.

Anyhow, without this prior knowledge (of how busy it would be) we set off in our little car navigating some of Devon's most beautiful country lanes.

Well I say country lanes - by the end of the week we had renamed them 'loopy lanes' 'hair raising hills' and 'crazy corner' and much much more for so narrow and high hedged are some of these lanes we almost felt like we were driving along the teeniest tiniest of farm tracks. Not that I cared - I wasn't the one doing the driving and my map reading couldn't be blamed this time either!!! Sorry Mr TomTom.

Mr T did come up with 'vicious village' but apart from the almost non existent road sat nav wanted to send us up there was nothing vicious at all about any of the villages we drove through with their chocolate box houses, thatched roofs and cottage gardens.

Zipping along the countryside we whizzed about here, there and everywhere though having to pull in and reverse more times then we probably went forward, but hey ho it was a most delightful dance and it meant we could watch the birds dash between hedges whilst taking in the beauty and waft of the flowers that lined every single roadside and ever so often when we reached the top of a hill we would stop and take in the most magnificent of views 'oh' how I fell in love with Devon - I think I may have a crush!

Anyhow, back to Dartmouth. As mentioned before it was packed and after circling the car park twice and decided it was a no hoper we thought we would head out to the castle instead and maybe come back later with fingers crossed it would be a little quieter.

So back in the car we clambered and nipped up to the castle where we were greeted with an reenactment of gunfire from......well the gun tower!

Then whilst sat eating our lunch in the castle grounds Mr T mentioned he had noticed a sign for 'River Taxis'

Could we, would we with the buggy and all? Oh 'yes please' what fun - a boat ride from the castle into the town. We wouldn't have to jump back into the car again searching around and around for a parking space only (probably) to find none and have to give up heading home without even a snifter of Dartmouth.

Just a quick hop into a boat right here from the castle where we were actually at and 'hey presto' 'Bob's your uncle' (actually he is - mine that is) an adventure and destination all rolled into one - how exciting and.......... it was!!

Dartmouth town is beautiful with gorgeous little shops and I fell immediately in love with it, but the crowds put us off a bit - then again I can sooooo relate to that, living in a seaside town and all which also gets mobbed in the Summer and I guess like everyone else we were simply tourist ourselves.

All wandered around and ice creamed out we waited for the next river taxi, hopped on in and bobbed back to the castle where our little car was waiting patiently to take us home.

Back down hair raising hill, around crazy corner and along loopy lane all very tired, but also very exhilarated from our little day out in Dartmouth.

We had the same problem in Salcombe the very next day. Parking impossible, but then we didn't get up until verrrrrry late - all that excitement from the previous day probably and I know they say this about the sea air, but could the air in Devon induce you into a trance like state making you sleep just that little bit better and heavier?? Anyway, getting up late meant we headed out quite late in the day.

Again after searching for that nonexistent parking place and failing dismally we decided like Dartmouth the previous day to head out of the town, just up the hill a little and down on to the beach - no river taxis this time - and go back later.

Now I know we practically live on the beach, but this was different.

The texture and colour of the sand is a golden nutty colour and the smell of the sea is actually fresh not all sea weedy!

And the colour of the ocean 'oh' that ocean is so crystal clear (I'm gushing, I know) and 'oh so' blue, more a turquoise I would probably say, not muddy brown where the sand gets all churned up and swirled around.

Anyway, gush over I promise. For a few glorious hours we just sat sunning ourselves and taking it all in while the children ran around exploring, wave jumping and making sandcastles with their hands.

And I, little old Mrs T even went paddling (I had to test that water) which is utterly unheard of for me - I always find the water too 'bbbrrrrrrrrring' freezing, even in the height of Summer. It was still cold, but look how clear - I can see my feet! Even if they do look a little wonky.

All paddled, sunned and ice creamed out (again) we decided we had better wave the beach goodbye and try and give Salcombe another go.

Fate must of been on our side as we found the only parking space available, much to all our relief as we didn't want to head back home without even the teeniest peeks of Salcombe and I have to say, it did not disappointed us at all.

Quaint is how I would describe Salcombe. Quaint, but busy and ever so pretty. With boat yards backing on to the harbour and tiny little shops, cottages and houses - I so get the love affair.

We sat in the evening sun eating our fish and chips looking out at the above view - I could so get use to this way of life, but not today and probably not tomorrow or even the day after that, but maybe one day - who knows.

Supper finished and our hearts and heads full to brimming woven with memories of a wonderful, delicious day we wearily made our way home deep in our own thoughts and feeling very, very happy.

Sorry to go on so much. I seem to have waffled more today - so sorry. Can you tell I've fallen in love? I hope your having a happy day yourself and (she says) I will try and post the last of our holiday pictures before the weeks out - if your interested that is.

Right I'm off to fluff and potter!