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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Well here I am, back once again after a some what lengthy break and 'oh' how the Tabiboo's have been naughty.

Such naughtiness of the uppermost kind some might say. Disappearing like that with no word, no hint, no 'how's ya father' at all - soooooo sorry.....please consider my wrists well and truly slapped!

To be honest here at Tabi Towers we didn't really know if we would get away at all this half term because as usual we had left everything until the very last minute. Nothing booked, organised or pre planned, just rolling along in our own little way.......more spontaneous I'd like to say and we certainly do like spontaneous, though others might say winging it but I'd probably settle with 'by the seat of our pants' stuff.

In true Tabiboo style, desperately needing to escape, just for a couple of days, just twenty four 'yep' hours before we were due to depart for my grandmothers funeral in Guildford I went and booked something. Just like that - which for half term week was pretty amazing.

No time at all to plan, just pack and cancel the milk then head off to the funeral then on to Devon!!!

Tuckenhay, Totnes, Devon.

Beautiful Devon, glorious Devon just the best ever bees knees 'oh' what a wonderful holiday we had in Devon.

And this is where we stayed.

{the meandering stone path leading from the stream in the front garden and up on to the cottage}

An utterly delicious little former Paper mill cottage - tucked in between a row of a few others with it's own stream running along the bottom of the garden where the children played, paddled, fed the ducks, raced pooh sticks and even sat and waded when the weather became hotter during the week.

Gorgeous little cottages where the neighbours all our side had little allotment plots right outside their front doors edging on to the stream.

Much to the envy of Mr T I must say, especially when one of the neighbours told him that he was two months behind on the growing season as the sun is so low at the beginning of the year it doesn't actually rise high enough to make it over the hills.

And being nestled so deep down in the valley there was no mobile signal, no internet, no computer nothing. Just peace, quiet and tranquility 'aahhhhhhhhh Bisto'

Within a minutes stroll away from the River Dart (plus two fabulous pubs!!) one way and beautiful countryside the other, rolling hills with sheep grazing and a huge farmhouse style kitchen with pine table and sofa cuddled up beside the wood burning stove I can only describe this little find as idyllic. Stuff of my dreams.

This is the view I woke up to every morning!!

Mind you, not the heavy laden clouds. Just a beautiful rolling hill where I sat and watched the sheep wandering past munching grass whilst I slowly woke from my slumber - by pure chance we only had drizzle on our first day - Saturday.

We could of spent all week just sat by the stream dipping our toes in and out and day dreaming and we did spend an enormous amount of time doing so, even when the sun started to set and the stars started to twinkle coming out one by one like little fairy lights being switched on whilst the bats ducked and dived all around our heads, but.....

.....we did also explore beyond the front garden and I do have to confess - on top of sneaking away that is - to taking 659 (cough) photos with at least half of them probably needing to be strongly thinned out and canned - a trigger (camera) happy Mrs T!!

I promise not to bore you with allllllll the (after being thinned out) 659 pictures of our holiday. Gawd knows that's enough to bore the pants off many an enthusiast. But we did visit some spectacular places with the most stunning views and I did take the odd half decent picture so if you could humour me just for a couple of days - three tops - I will try and share with you (condensed) all that I can because...

...this little Mrs T has come home, refreshed, invigorated and very, very happy (more so then in quite a while) feeling on top of the world with lots of future plans and maybe some life changing decisions, glowing, radiant and a tip top lopsided grin I can't seem to shake off and.....don't really want to either!

Thanks for sticking by me and popping in whilst I've been away and to my closest of bloggers (you know who you are) thank you for emailing and checking if all was okay.

To holidays, getting away, a breath of fresh....for we all need a change every now and again.