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Loving and.....a Special Request

It's a bit of a flowery posting today to be honest, but these truly are the things I've been loving all of this week despite it being a crappity crap and very trying week of the up most kind.

{sat under the honeysuckle wafting on the breeze in the evening}

With a hubby stuck at work (alllllll week) and most of my friends pootling off to Glastonbury today - I really must get more organised next year - I have been feeling somewhat sorry for myself. All self imposed I know!

(peonies, stocks and patchwork crochet}

So in the only (quick fix way) I know how to indulge myself is with a great big smile, splash of colour, sunshine and heavenly scent to fill our home (to the brim) full of flowers.

Yes shop bought ones granted, but some are also snippity snipped from our garden and with the amount on offer out there at the moment - in our little patch - it wouldn't be right not to bring a bit of the outside indoors and I'm a great believer in cut and come again anyway!

{a vase full of feverfew and honeysuckle snipped from the garden}

Anyhow, it's Friday - consider my cheeks well and truly slapped out of this mood - and the weekend is almost here so enough of my melancholy I can catch up with Glastonbury on the radio and goggle box and Mr T will be home today (at some point) so with BBQ's planned for tomorrow and catch up with friends (that don't do Glastonbury) all is not that bad at the end of this week in the Tabiboo household methinks.

Though before I love you and leave you I have a very special request from my wonderful and ever so talented friend Katy (in France) - should that of been the other way round?? Ever so talented and wonderful friend....mmmmmmmm, it all means the same I'm sure and you get my drift, right?!?

{heavenly scented roses cut from the garden}

Anyhow, Katy has a plea. She is currently in the midst of creating and making a quilt for a craft show in November which will then be raffled off for charity. The theme of the fair is Route 66 so she is going to make her quilt in all American fabrics.

The colour doesn't matter as long as they are by American designers - I'm going to send all my left over Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fabrics, but if any of you wonderful readers out there can help Katy in any way at all, no matter how small and could send her your off cuts that you may have stashed away - she is more then willing to paypal postage - then could you please get in contact with me and I will pass on her details.

Thanks ever so in advance - from both Katy and myself - I do hope between us we can help make this work for her.

Righto that's me done for another week. All that is left is to wish you all a fabulous weekend and most importantly, have fun!


ps. I couldn't resist sneaking this little picture in too - a spied on Little Miss T with her head in a book - the place I can usual find her these days!

Edited :: Katy has left a message in the comments box if it helps. N xxx