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Rippling, Secrets and a Confession

Hello, hello - a bit of a late in the evening one for me.

To be honest I've had one of those days and even though I'm pooped - so please excuse this posting if it all comes out a one big jumble - all the little ones are now most definitely (and finally) tucked up in bed, big *sigh* so I thought I would spend my leisure time here, chatting to you - hope you don't mind?

Anyway........oh me, oh my well I never - lookie what I can do, finally!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly can't believe it - apparently I can ripple - wish someone had told me that a year ago!!

I'm absolutely chuffed to bits - can you tell?? I'll also let you in on a little secret - well two really and a confession, but I'll share the latter stuff in a bit!!

I'm now well away with my rippling. To my hearts content some would say annnnnd can you guess? I have the most enormous smile spread across my face - in a Joker kind of way, but not as creepy - every time I pick it up.

It is sooooooo therapeutic.

Okay, so that's my first secret, a stupid grin - not much of one really, but if you could see the silly contented look I have on my face of an evening when I'm sat in my own little world rippling along I'm sure it would make you laugh - a lot!

So how did I do it? I can hear you all ask because I certainly do remember that every time I've ever spoken about rippling it's always been in a negative 'boo hoo I can't do it' kind of way.

Welllllll the problem I have, always have is that tricksy foundation row.

No matter how diligently I count, concentrate and even sweat over that foundation row I can never ever get it right. Drat and blast and all those other naughty mutterings.

Then I had a thought one day, just out of the blue 'pop' it went into my head, just like that. Which is pretty amazing considering all the other stuff that is swimming around in there fighting for attention.

This is my second secret!

I thought :: what if I tricked that pesky foundation row, what if I - as my first full row of crochet - forgot all about starting to ripple, ignored it completely and did a row, my first proper row (into my foundation row) of double crochet just like that, bish, bash bosh!!

Then once I had completed that first full row of double crochet - counting all the way along - as my secondary back up so to speak - then started to ripple on the second row, could that work? Would that work?? Guess what?? It worked!! Yeeeeehaaaaawwwww.

No missed stitches, no frogging and starting again and most importantly absolutely no giving up what so ever muttering under my breath about another hour lost on something completely stupid, useless and impossible and thinking 'why oh why' does it always happen to me?!!

And as you can see I'm am merrily rippling along in my own little way. Not very conventional and probably completely against the rules, but if I could apply this little twist into some of my other crochet - foundation row/where needed - projects then I think I will be well away without a mutter or naughty word to escape my lips at all.

Now that's a big sigh of relief - for me anyhow.

So that's my two (little) secrets I guess I should move on to the confession.

Well it's like this you see, a little insy bit of time has slipped by since I first began this ripple. I would say a little - in Tabiboo years - it's more like a (cough) month.

I know, I know not sharing is absolutely no good and completely no fun at all - sorry folks.

I kind of began this ripple back in the middle of May with this stash and I even took the pictures back then. But then stuff happened, family came first and then we absconded to Devon - where I might add my ripple did accompany me - and since then I've kind of got caught up in other daily going on's.

But I can tell ripple is coming on magnificently and it's kind of progressed beyond the couple of rows I've posted today, but I'll show you the full monty another day if that's okay as I still have a couple of plans to decide on.

Well that's it I guess - as good old bugs bunny would say 'that's all folks' - I am completely and utterly shattered now and I doubt even the lure of my ripple can entice me to prop my eye lids open much longer this evening.

Take care, have a good one and thanks for the chat and listening to me witter - it really does mean a lot to me.


Edited :: instead of doing a double crochet into your foundation row you could always just do single crochet.

Because I wanted a thicker first band at the beginning of my blanket I chose to do double crochet as my first row. But if you wanted a thinner first row then I guess single crochet is the way to go 'or' you could do your foundation row then a row of double crochet then maybe change the colour of yarn - if your going for a stripy look that is.

Of course I am no expert and I'm learning this as I go along myself, but if you're not too strict with the in's and outs, how's and whys of crocheting then I think this is a nice little cheat.

For my blanket I did - foundation row, 1st row double crochet, second row ripple stitch then on the third row changed my colour of yarn then - rippled for two rows, change colour, ripple of two rows, change, ripple two rows, change.......!

Hope that all helps?? N xxx