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Blossom Blouse

Well here it Sew Liberated Blossom Blouse.

Now before you ask the computer 'is' still down, but I've managed to retrieve some of my pictures so at least I can show you the finished article - kind of.

For you see this is a tale of many many parts.

Intrigued?? Well let me explain.

You see I made my blouse and 'oh' how very chuffed I was with myself - incredibly chuffed to be honest. The second makey thing I have 'ever' made for little old me - again me chuffed, pleeeease, big cheesy grin.......oh yes!!

But.....there's the but!! It just wasn't right.

No matter which way I turned it or tried it on it just didn't feel right. I guess the fabric didn't help - a very thick stiff linen which felt almost prickly soooooo not a Summer blouse at all I guess, but it wasn't just the fabric, it was something else.

The fit - perfect, the shape - 'oh so' perfect, but the sleeves.....way too blousy - do you know what I mean? I just felt like peasant over kill.

Probably didn't help (muttering under my breath) that I extended the sleeves slightly, but even taking them back to their original length (I feel) wouldn't of solved the problem.

And I just couldn't bring myself to pull it apart and start all over again - I just didn't have the heart. Especially as it was a very perfect fit everywhere else.

Also not being a dressmaker in any sense of the word at all I didn't know how to fix the problem. So I experimented!

No pictures (sorry) of my experimentation's as they were truly hideous.

Anyhow, first I put elastic in the cuffs to see if that would pull the blousyness of the sleeves in, but that just seemed to make them puff out and accentuate the sleeve even more.

Then I took all the elastic out of the sleeve, top and cuffs, but that just made the sleeves hang all loose and floppy.

Finally I decided to chop most of the sleeve off and sew a band of contrasting fabric around it's hem - though even this little sleeve still stuck out.....darn that stiff linen soooooo I then put a rather large pleat in to pull it all together and 'da dah' my Sew Liberated (kind of) Blossom blouse is finished!!!!!! Phew.

Despite all the faffing around I really love this blouse now though note to oneself ::

I will never use stiff linen again - not for anything that requires a wide or puffy sleeve.

Plus this blouse (because of the nature of the material) will be destined for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe as due to the prickliness of the fabric it will need a t-shirt or roll neck underneath - so watch out fall.

{you'll have to excuse the mucky mirror - it's one of those vintage distressed nothing a little dusting wouldn't help either - ho hum!!)

I'm not deterred though - I'd love to make another one of these blouses (properly) but maybe in something a lot less ridged and a lot more feminine and floaty.

Well best tootle pip - much Summer holidaying to get planned to avoid moments of utter boredom....from the kids, not me!

Have a fabulous day - are you counting down this week as well?