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Egg Free Waffles {recipe}

Hellooooo. It's Friday!!!!!!!

And with it being Friday I thought I would share a weekend recipe with you 'Waffles'

This is one of our firm favourite breakfasting things to have of a weekend and with a glut of strawberries at the moment I'm trying to think of ingenious things to make or turn our strawberries in to.

Really you should see our pantry at the moment - it is stuffed to the rafters with strawberry jam!!

Anyhow, last weekend it was waffles with sliced and sugared strawberries and whipped cream.....delicious!! Though not so good for the diet - sorry.

Now if you have never made waffles before then let me explain - as long as you have a waffle iron or waffle maker of some sort then these are really, really easy to make.

I have a Cusanart waffle iron. Now please forgive it's mucky appearance, but as I said we - the royal we (I) - make these waffles most weekends. Though our normal preferred tipple or topping is bacon and authentic Canadian maple syrup. Sweet and sour - yum, yum.

Anyway, if you fancy making your own waffles it's well worth shopping around for the right maker as they are not that expensive and far nicer (I feel) then the shop bought ones - more sweet, doughy and delicious...rather than hard, cardboardy and well........hard!

Mine makes four at a time and with the quantities in my recipe I can make a batch of about twenty four'ish' at a time and trust me, these do not last long, at all.

Though just remember not to overload the waffle iron with too much batter as I learnt very early on - it tends to ooze out of the sides if you do this.

And if by chance you do have some waffles left over when the devouring has finished then if you cover the remanding (plain) waffles and place them in the fridge they can last up to - at least - a good couple of days and reheated if desired.

Though my hoard prefer to eat them just as they are as snacks - just plain, straight from the fridge - either in their lunch boxes or if we pootle on down to the beach for an afternoon. Plus a batch can be made in advance and once cooled and stored in this very same way can then be taken out for a later pudding or even - maybe - in a picnic.

Anyhow, back to the recipe. I've adapted this recipe from my trusty 'Waffles and Pancakes' book by Kate Habershon which in my opinion has just 'the best' recipes and sauces - toffee sauce is another favourite of ours with sliced bananas and cream....though it is very sweet! Great if you like that kind of thing - which we do, bonus!

So why egg free? Well amongst many things the littlest boo is allergic to eggs - this in one of her big no no's - and not wanting her to miss out on the things we all love to eat - as a family - I have become very good at experimenting with foods like cakes, pancakes and waffles that all require eggs and adapting them so they taste pretty much as good as the original version.

Though my experimenting doesn't always work - like my flat lemon drizzle cake!!

And OK, so an omelet is still off the menu, but little by little she is growing out of her allergies - though I'm guessing peanuts will always be off that list - and maybe who knows, one day she may even be able to sample her first eggy bread or freshly made ice cream, pavlova, custard or mayonnaise.

Back to the recipe (again) sorry.

You will need ::

A waffle iron or waffle maker

Free standing mixer

570g plain flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder
2 tblspn caster sugar
500ml full fat milk
130g unsalted butter melted and cooled

tablespoon vanilla extract *(optional)

Sift the flour, baking powder, arrowroot powder (a natural thickener) and caster sugar into your free standing mixer.

Melt the butter and leave to cool slightly.

Add the milk and *vanilla extract to the dry ingredients and set your mixer to medium, combine all together.

Add the cooled butter to your batter mixture and leave it mixing, on medium for a good five minutes.

I do this to incorporate as much air as possible and to make the batter as light as possible.

And that's it!

When your waffle iron/maker is ready pour some batter on to it and cook to the recommended makers instructions.

My machine takes a couple of minutes to get hot then a minute or two to turn the batter in to golden brown waffles. Hey presto!!

Dress or adorn with your favourite topping/s. Whether it be maple syrup, crispy bacon, golden syrup and bananas, strawberries and cream, chocolate spread, jam, caramel sauce, raspberries and icing sugar the possibilities are endless.

nb. waffles with eggs are slightly lighter and less doughy then the egg free option. To make them with eggs there is minimal mixing (like brownies and muffins) leave the arrowroot powder out, reduce your milk quantity to 450ml, butter to 110g and you will need six eggs separated and the whites whisked until stiff peaks then folded in when all the other ingredients have been combined.

Also I haven't tried to make an egg free and gluten free recipe of these waffles, but if you wanted to substitute the plain flour with a specialised gluten free flour like Dove's then this may work.

Well let's put it this way - I can see no reason why it wouldn't work, but then I'm no expert and I'm always experimenting myself with different food variations.

I hope that all helps and I've given you an appetite for waffles?

Have a fabulous weekend, happy cooking or waffling and most importantly - have a great one!