Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Well hello there - especially if you've stuck with me or left me a message/comment over the past couple of days because......... here I am 'again' sat at the little laptop cursing like Mutley as the 'regular' computer is still broken and all my photos are stashed away on it including my Sew Liberated Blossom Blouse that I finally got round to finishing and can't share with you - boo hoo!!

Have I ever told you I detest laptops??

Especially the ones with those nipply mouse thingies and a touch sensitive finger swiper whatsit that have the space bar right next to the clicky thing so you keep hitting the wrong thing - literally! Do you know what I mean?

Some things 'minimised and shrunk' I can cope with - though off the top of my head I'm having trouble thinking 'what!!' But when it comes to computers I'm an old fashioned kind of girl - big and strong with a very good memory is just the thing for me.

Anyhow, out of utter boredom today I started clicking random things (with my 'big and clunky' camera) around the house because well 'why not?'

I started off with the full tray of elderflower champagne which we really do not have any more room for - just as well as the elderflower season is pretty much over.

Then I moved on to a couple of things I purchased from the Cath Kidston sale.

New cutlery which will look perfect in my 'Brexton' picnic box and...

...some new material!

Then I moved on to the pantry and took a pic of all the jars of strawberry jam we have sat on the shelves so far.
I say so far as Mr T is already making plans to add a couple to the pile tonight.

Then I had a thought - have I ever shown you any pictures of our pantry??

I know it's kind of nice to say 'oh yes we have a pantry' but in this case I can hold my hand up and say 'well yes we do'

Above is just a peek inside the door as the rest of it is not a pretty sight - jars of homemade stuff spilling over shelves and the floor choker block with baskets and cat food.

Though.....this was a design plan of mine - not the floor chocker block of baskets and cat food 'oh no!' - for you see, when we first moved into this house seven 'ish' years ago there was not a pantry at all.

Basically at some point in the history of the house somebody took a wall out leading from the dining room to the kitchen which left the original entrance redundant - almost like a passage way.
Sooooooo (in my great wisdom) I blocked off one end and we had a door fixed to the other then just lined the walls with shelves to give us some storage for all the (pretty looking) other stuff.

(The inside of the door holds fitted shelves to harbour many things like my 'secret' chocolate stash and old cookery books - some of which were my grandmothers and great grandmothers)

OK, so it's one of those things that truly defines the word shabby and at some point I will decorate in there - I've put some vintage lace along the shelves!! - but for now it's what we call the pantry and for me it looks the business.

Well that's me probably boring the pants off you with my randomness stuff and gawd knows when the 'regular' computer will be up and running again so for now this is me, signing off again. Nina xxx