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Strawberry Shortcake {recipe}

Morning!! I'm still on the laptop - least said I think!

Though I refuse to be grumpy, promise - it's the weekend. The sun is shining (no gale force winds) and I have two whole days stretched out in front of me of no plans, no routine, no agenda, nothing organised, just pure nothingness. 'Oooohhhh' I do like that saying - pure nothingness! Aaahhhhhhhhh.

So anyway, how are you all??

Sorry for the lack of contact or response this week. It's just this dratted laptop - sooo slow, sooo painful, soooo 'aaarrrggghh!!' - no I promised so it's just smiles, smiles, smiles from here on in plus it's you're weekend too and I strongly doubt you've popped in just to hear me whinge.

OK, so strawberry shortcake - welllll let me first tell you that this is the most easiest recipe ever, but the most tastiest and the absolute most satisfying summer pudding/snack/treat and I also have a super duper cheat that means you won't even have to preheat your cooker and get the mixing bowl out and has the absolute minimum of tidying up.

In fact I would go as far to say that no washing up could be involved with this cheat but..........I do like to cook and for me homemade is always the best though if cheating is good enough for Nigella and Delia then why not us.

Fast forward to the end if you'd prefer the cheat.

:: Strawberry Shortcake ::

:: You will need ::

.. Shortbread ..

120g butter - at room temperature

60g caster sugar - plus a little extra for dusting

185g plain flour

Greaseproof paper

.. Filling ..

Caster Sugar
Double Cream

preheat your oven to 300 F, gas 2 (150 C)

:: METHOD ::

Beat the butter until smooth - I use my freestanding mixer with the paddle attachment to do this.

Beat in the sugar then followed with the flour until your mixture comes together.

Transfer you shortbread dough to a *cold board dusted with caster sugar.

*cold board - preferably a pastry board, but if you haven't got one of these then a piece of marble or granite would do - I use a granite board.

Now this is where you have to be quick and hence the cold board because if you're not quick the dough starts to crumble and stick.

Lightly roll out your dough (in the dusted caster sugar) to about 5 mm - you could go thinner, but I like mine quite thick and again if you roll too much your shortbread dough could crumble and stick.

With a cutter of your choice cut out the dough - I used a heart shape one.

Place your cut out dough pieces onto a tray lined with the greaseproof paper spaced out slightly and bake for 30 minutes.

nb. do not over bake as they crisp up as cooling!!

Transfer to a cooling rack when your happy they can be handled.

Whilst waiting for your shortbread to cool whip up some double cream and slice your strawberries and sprinkle with sugar - this brings out their sweetness.

nb. I've left the filling quantities open for judgement because this all depends on personal taste and how much or little you want to overload, but if you say a punnet of strawberries and a 300ml tub of double cream then that should be plenty.

Then once your shortbread has cooled fully assemble to taste.

You could have open shortcakes with a biscuit on the bottom then strawberries and cream dolloped on top or sandwiched with two biscuits - top and bottom (that's how we like it) and the filling squished inside or have raspberries instead of strawberries, cream or no cream - it really is down to your taste.

Of course you don't have to fill your shortbread with anything at all - you could eat them straight as......well as a biscuit - though they don't do dunking so well!!

Now for the cheat - if you've bypassed all the chit chat and gubbings on how to make shortbread then 'welcome' because this is one of the best cheats ever - though a little pre buying is in order -unless of course you have all the ingredients to hand,

OK so basically you will need ::

A packet of shortbread biscuits - the flat variety
A punnet of strawberries
A tin of squirty cream

Then basically all you do is arrange your shop bought items in exactly the same way as above - hey presto 'Strawberry Shortcake' the super, super quick way.

And that's it!! Well best go - I hope you've got a fabulous weekend lined up? Or like us a weekend of pure nothingness. Either way - have a fab time!