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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Road Trip

Tabiboo's Tabiboo's where have you been?

Why we've been to Malvern to visit the hills.

Well actually we went to Cambridge first for a flying visit as Mr T had to go into the office sooooo that meant us Boo's got to spend a whole day in Cambridge - my old stomping ground in my early twenties - just pottering, pottling and pleasing no one but ourselves!

Off at the bus station and across Jesus Green we headed to the new part of Cambridge town. A bit of a disappointment with many shops closed down - a sign of the times methinks!

So back across the green and into the town centre to pick up some lunch and a must had stop at a certain chocolate shop - of course.

Across the middle of the market and we plonk ourselves down, on a wall right outside the front of Kings College as it so happens to scoff and eat and slurp and chomp - what a fitting venue to eat ones lunch.

Up to Trinity and then to the bottom of Castle Hill we head out to Midsummer Common to wait for the missing Boo.

Back to Jesus Lane and Pizza Express, our evening destination and a magnificent dinner enjoyed by all the Boo's.

That was our day in Cambridge Town Centre, but there was so much more I had wanted to do.

The Backs, Botanical Gardens, Thai Shop and Fitzwilliam Museum, but even that little wander took most of our day - little ones legs are just not up to the job of relentless sight seeing and gadding around.

Up early the next day to head to our new destination - across country to Worcester and a farmhouse in a quintessential tiny English village looking out across to the Malverns.

A last minute booking - how typically Tabiboo - a perfect location enclosed in five acres with rolling fields as far as the eye could see, with horses grazing in the field just outside the back door and where we would sit and watch the wildlife larking about - squirrels, martins, horses and cows and even the odd hot air balloon floating past in the early morning sun.

Do you want to see where we stayed??

Now this is most definitely the stuff of my dreams.

With a huge farmhouse table where we spent most of our time gathered, eating, chatting and having a generally jolly good time to the open plan kitchen/diner that looked out across the fields, open fireplaces, Range Cooker, wood burning stove, snugs, cosy rooms and the softest of beds.

I fell in love immediately and I wish we could of stayed, but such is life and maybe one day, but for now I have my memories of a wonderful holidaying.

I'll share some more tomorrow - but for now have a lovely day and until tomorrow..........tootle pip.


Info :: we stayed here at Tickeridge Farm in Hanley Swan which is a tiny little village, but is ever so quaint with it's own pub (The Swan) which has a fabulous menu plus a village green, butchers and pond.