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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Hellllllo - did you have a lovely weekend??

Sorry I know I'm a little bit late in asking, but it's always nice to be asked I feel - not just about the weekend of course you know, but in a general 'how you doing?' kind of way.

Anyway I hope you had a fabulous weekend? And of course now I've asked I must share as well - it's only polite.

Now if you're thinking 'what on earth' about my pictures then please do not adjust you're sets, they are shaky - not supposed to be, but that's how they came out - honest!

Basically it was flipping windy down here on Sunday and with it being high tide as well and a family that loves a bit of a rush we decided to head down to the seafront and get buffeted and sand blasted about.

Though as usual it was one of those very last minute decisions - an in between the end of a downpour and the beginning of another, grab your coats and stick your wellies on kids - we're going for it!!!!!!

Which is why I forgot to take my camera and only having my phone on me I tried to take some (pretty rubbish) pictures of the elements at force - which is also why the photos are all shaky.

I couldn't stand still at all from the wind twirling me around and slapping my hair in my face - should of tied it back I know, another one of those last minute things I forget to do - oh well.

Though I have to say it was great fun. Watching the sea crash and smash, the odd mad person trying to jump waves or go for a swim and getting boshed by wave upon wave - actually that bit was quite funny - screaming into the wind at the top of our voices and skimming pebbles only to have then come hurtling back at you on top of a rip curling wave - happy days.

Though we did have one casualty - not in a dangerous sports kind of way I must add - but because the wind was so rip curling amazing the sand was also whipping and blasting around and one little boo got something in her eye.

Which wasn't a problem in itself, but she does like to draw a crowd!! Do you know what I mean?? Screaming like a banshee, don't touch it, I can't see!!

Well anyway, we ended up back home an eye bath and chilled chamomile tea bag later all was forgotten - phew!!

Well I best go, more rush, rush, rushing around today is on the agenda - with hopefully at least one tea and loo break scheduled in.

Have a fabulous day - is it me or is it starting to feel (and look) very autumnal at the moment - even for me August is a little bit too early?? I swear the leaves on the trees are starting to turn and it can't be from the lack of rain - ahem!!

- Have a good one -