Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Sunrise to Sunset

It's just the sun rising, it's shining - The Beloved

The one thing about being away - for me - and especially being on holiday was that I found myself waking and immediately rising with well, the sunrise.

This was around 5.30am all bright eyed and bushy tailed without a groan, naughty word muttered or a child in sight that may have accidentally woken me from my slumber!

Oh no, this was me willing and all excited getting up of my own accord bounding down the stairs - quietly as not to wake the rest of the house - kicking open the french windows with chamomile and camera in hand, stepping outside and taking a deep breath of the rising mornings fresh air - now how invigorating is that? And mad!!

Though don't ask me why I had this strange shift in my body clock because normally it's a struggle to even open my eyes before 8am - school days not included mind you.

And there is normally a lot of whinging and grumping and 'don't even talk to me' if it's before this time - that's just me - I do not do mornings at all. Not at home anyway.

But I'm so glad I did - have such a weird shift in my natural waking hour that is - because otherwise I wouldn't of seen the sun rise ever so slowly bouncing golden rays off and around everything, like Midas stretching out and touching all around him.

(I'm actually stood in my nightie and wellies taking these pictures!!!)

Or witness the hot air balloon majestically rising into the first mornings light. Dew drops sparkling and glittering gently resting on every blade of grass or watching the day slowly unfold from a glorious breath taking sunshiny yellow where the sky almost feels like it is on fire, to a more peaceful mellow and blueness of the day.

And as for those hills - wow, wow, wow, wow! Though for me they stood out and shone more in the sunset.

I only witnessed the one most amazing and spectacular 'red sky at night shepherds delight' and I almost didn't take any pictures.

Being complacent I thought 'yeah there will be another one tomorrow evening' because all I wanted to do at that very moment in time is just sit back and enjoy. Take in all the drama so to speak.

But I'm so glad I didn't - sit back - because this was the one and only firey sunset to be had in the whole week - blame the weather and the onset of rain for the rest of the week and 'oh boy' did we have rain, but more of that another day.

Now I know these sunset pictures look all the same - do click on them to enlarge - but each one holds something so dramatic, so atmospheric and so breath taking amazing that they all look - to me - completely different from each other and even though I loved watching the day emerge I think the sun setting must be one of my more awe striking moments.

I kind of mulled over, during the week whether I would prefer to live in the shadow of the hills or on the hills looking out and down on all and everything?

I came to the conclusion that I would far prefer to live in the shadow, even though the views are spectacular when you are there, right at the very top, but it is the same old view every day.

Where as looking out at those hills every day, well it was always different, changing - like the sea.

Whether they are basking in the sun, shrouded with low clouds or even impossible to see, one moment they are not there and the next, it may be only a glimpse, but all of a sudden you can see them looming either in the distance of right in front of you, their beauty and solidness is just well.......jaw dropping - for me.

Yes I would have to say most definitely in the shadow.

And as for the moon - well look for yourself.

(I took these - moon - pictures using my tripod and a lot of patience!!!)

And that is pretty much it - from ground level any how.

Have a lovely day and enjoy.