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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Dress Making

Morning, morning, well I think it's actually the afternoon now, but who's counting anyway?

I did start this post this the morning, but other stuff kind of got in the way like having to make a batch of fairy cakes because my sweet tooth told me to and having to go for a stroll down to the sea front to walk off said fairy cakes! That's a good enough excuse for me so it must be OK.

So anyway, how are you feeling on this bright and chilly autumnal morning/afternoon/day?

Saying that, I do hope it is lovely and sunny where you are - it is here, but I fear it is a fleeting thing and all will pass and change come tomorrow.

Anyway, back to my dress making - sorry.

Now that I've got this (finally - sorry sis) firmly wrapped up and on it's way to the post office for my adorable little niece who's second birthday is Monday - I know my sister doesn't read my blog often anyway - I thought I would share with you the crafty thing (s) that have been dominating my life at the moment.

Even though it may appear crafting has been on a low front around here recently on my little blog with Autumn kind of taking over my head space, I have in fact been beavering away in the background whipping up lots of little dresses for all the lovely little ladies in my life and who's birthdays all fall at this time of the year - lucky me!

So this year I thought I would whip them all up a custom made dress - a one off with some of the fabric I've had stashed away 'forever' and never seem to find any time to transform into something utterly gorgeous and want some these days - crochet has seemed to of taken over my life this past year!

Anyhow, may I present to you this gorgeous little dress I rustled up the other evening. I do hope the littlest niece (and sis) like it.

And do you want to see the fabric I've bought for the littlest Boo to make her dress out of??

All the way from America. Little red riding hood and mushrooms, doesn't it look scrummy?

Though I'll let you have a better peek when I'm almost finished - for at the moment, I'm keeping stum!

Have a fabulous day.