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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Farming Festival

Good evening all - I seem to have gone all topsy turvy and have found myself posting of an evening!! So how are you doing on this fine and dandy evening - had a good day?

Do you know (well of course you do - silly of me to ask really) that it's only Monday, but this week feels like it is rushing by already - well for me it does though I'm not too sure why really, just one of things I guess.

Anyway, so apart from our cooking, baking and a sprinkling of preserving over the weekend we also found ourselves at the Farming Festival in Faversham - or Sunday mid morning to be precise because let's face it Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without a little lie in, lounging around in our jim jams and a lazy family breakfast. There is absolutely no point in rushing on a Sunday - well not around here anyway.

And as you can see from our middle little one who chose her own attire for the day - dance pants, trainers a hoodie and rain mac. Only Florrie could pull this look off - I would look like a bag lady in anyone of those items let alone all teamed together and with hair pulled back as well!!!

Dress attire put to one side - what a jolly way to start our day. A sticky, melt super quick fast ice lolly followed by a spot of ferret racing!

'Yep' you most definitely heard me right - ferret racing. It wasn't all that exciting really - the ferrets kept going in all the wrong directions or falling asleep, but the kids thought it was hilarious.

And the middlest Boo being such the good sport that she is even went up for a spot of petting!! I sent Mr Boo in to chaperon that one. I like cute and furry with the best of them, but ferrets - no thank you!

Anyway, with the ferrets safely put away we headed on out to the ploughing field to watch the urrrrrm - ploughing!

This was most definitely more my sort of relaxed, plod along, up and down spectator 'farming' (kind of) sport.

The horses were magnificent and beautiful and wonderfully groomed, but 'oh my word' what hard, back breaking work - not a job to be done in a hurry or for the faint hearted for sure, but with the history of farming a necessity nonetheless.

I have to say though I completely fell in love with the mechanics and machinery - more so probably then I did with the horses. Strange I know, I guess I'm just that sort of gal.

Though as you can imagine the little ones didn't want to stay and watch for too long so off to the archery for the eldest Boo - he hit three out of the six, not at all bad for a first timer.

Then the girls turn - a trip to the adventure play park to lark around whilst us big kids sat and watched and indulged their energy. Though I do have to confess to having at least one go on the slide - OK two.....tops - honest!

{rather apt for my little piggies!}

And last, but not least - the birds of prey.

Now would you if asked 'are there any volunteers?' stick your hand up as high as you can?

No me neither. But being one not to disappoint the middlest Boo stuck her hand up as high as she could. Honestly she was practically standing on her seat jumping up and down. Sufficed to say she was picked to handle one of the owls - that's my girl!

Did I mention cute and fluffy?

Maybe I should of added - and with most definitely no talons or sharp, ripe a mouse in two beaks either! That's my girl indeed!

At least I managed to come home with a bargain. Not the most exciting thing I have ever carried in a brown paper bag - no cupcakes, no cosmetics, no handmade soap or chocolate - no.

But a bag full of the most delicious apples - 10 pence each. These ones are eaters and they will not last long.

And that was our afternoon out. We had a marvelous time despite being frozen to the core - it has been mighty nippy down here recently - and we all came home with our own treasured memories. A wonderful day out, a family day out and one for the memory making pile - for sure.