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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Knowing Me

~ Seven Things ~

Good morning -

It's Sunday morning and I'm thinking 'oh my - what to say and where to begin?' the beginning I guess!

The problem is I'm not very good at the weekends - in the mornings that is and especially when I've had two really late nights on the trot - no alcohol involved I promise, but late ones (for me) nonetheless.

OK, so back to the matter in hand.

You see I've been given an award by the lovely Coco Rose whose blog I absolutely love and completely adore, but now I have to 'kiss and tell' seven things about myself that you don't already know.

Here's my dilemma.

For you see after blogging for almost two years (nearly every day) I'm not too sure if there is anything new you guys don't know about little old me plus many, many moons again I did do a kind of reveal all here.

But I will try - though it may just be a bit of 'and I'm sat here in my nightie at this very moment in time eating porridge with soya milk and raisins!!'

Number One ::

I am named after my grandmother's best friend (from her childhood) and in my entire lifetime have only ever come across two other Nina's.

Number Two ::

I hate parsnips - it's one of those marmite things. Either you love them or hate them and I absolutely (gag) hate them. But to be fair, I have tried them every which way you can and they still taste 'yuk' - to me.

Number Three ::

I'm not shy I'm just quiet!!

Number Four ::

I'm a listener not a talker and really cannot do all that nervous fill every gap with a word kind of chatter. Though given the right person/situation/topic I can gab on with the best of them.

Number Five ::

I people watch. Now I know this can make a person very very nervous, but it's more day dream watching, like being in my own little place just watching the world go by rather than staring and stalking.

Number Six ::

I'm sat here at the moment in my nightie eating...........! Sorry a bit of a cop out I know - how about 'ooooohhhhh I know' I'm a Hampshire lass born and bred. We moved here in '97 with Mr Boo's job and I am desperately seeking to escape back to the countryside.

Slap me I know I'm sooooooo ungrateful - living by the sea and all that, but the dawn chorus of a group of squawking seagulls does not substitute at all for trees full of song birds.

Number Seven ::

Last and (probably) by no means least. I do not..........smoke or eat McDonald's, drive a fast car, listen to rave music, wear high heels (only on very special occasions) drink lots of alcohol - well not anymore, play computer games or watch daytime TV. In fact I don't watch anything soap related at all like Corrie or Eastenders and to be honest, I haven't even got a clue if they are still going.

Blimey, I think I've just made myself out to sound a lot older then I actually am - I feel old and I'm not even forty.....yet! Not long though - eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

Well that's all about me - not very interesting I know, but I guess it's difficult to get a real feel for a person when it's not face to face.

Now I have to pass this on to to five other bloggers which is a toughie as I love you all, but this time I thought I would do things right and do exactly as it says on the tin - pass it on.

So being only fair I would love to pass this on to the the ladies that have supported me and my little bit of blogging space - right from the very beginning, through thick and thin.

And even though I don't always have the time to stop by and comment on there blogs on a regular basis I would like to think they know I am always here.

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Well I guess I'm all done. I'm still sat here in my nightie, but I have finished my porridge with soya milk and raisins and really do need to get in to the shower and get dressed now.

So until next time 'toodle pip' have a lovely Sunday - I think we are either going to head out for a very blustery walk or huddle up and light the fire, eat popcorn, read books, crochet and watch some old movies.

Happy Sundaying.


ps. all these images are completely random ones I have taken on my phone and have played around with them in one way or another and thought them only fitting to publish today as I guess I am just that - a random kind of some ways!