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Romantic Style

Good evening.....for once -

well I've gone and done it again and succumbed to another book - two in one week and my wrists have been slapped, but what a book to fall in love with.

I love Selina Lake, she is such a fabulous stylist and I'm not only an avid follower of her blog, but also own her other book Bazaar Style too which I also simply adore - and refer to - as well.

So when I recently read that she had a new book out and spyed the odd 'gor'geous picture from her blog I knew I had to own a copy.

Now I wouldn't say I was your typical kind of girly girl - no frills, no fluff and certainly no, no, NO pink. My girls do that for me and make up tenfold where I lack in this department.

But there is something truly whimsy, delicious and home charmingly curl up and day dreamy - and of course romantic - about her latest book and I have fallen head over heals with it.

And although I am not a girly girl, there is something about a stack of neatly folded eiderdowns or the prettiest pastel roses and hydrangeas all tumbling out of a vase, brightly painted furniture and airing vintage clothes that gives me that livable 'romantic' look.

You could say I've been completely hooked, lined and utterly reeled in for I've found myself transported to a world that I want to live!

Not too sure my husband would be too happy about that though - his idea of home decor is a throw back of his student years! Digs - disgusting as the littlest Boo would say.

But that's the beauty of this book and another reason why I love it because there are so many different ideas and twists that you could just have a little tweak, add an idea or two and still be satisfied with the change.

Or go the whole hog and change your decorating scheme all together - or sneak the odd thing in here and there so a certain fella doesn't notice - nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Plus you don't have to spend a fortune. Recycle, reuse, thrift or like me scout skips - occasionally and only if I'm passing that is - chic with less of the shabby and on an affordable budget too.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to end up as a book review, but I guess I just have - sorry. How could I not share though?

Have a fabulous evening - isn't it getting dark early?