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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Scrumping! Don't you just love that word - scrumping - or to scrump. It's one of those mad old English words that just rolls off the tongue and for me sums up the Autumn - completely.

{wellies on the wrong feet - just like big sis!}

And speaking of Autumn - Happy Autumn!!

It is - officially - Autumn and a full moon as well. Just to give you that 'wow' factor the season really has changed - the Autumn Equinox was a couple of days ago on the 21st - in my diary anyhow though I know it's probably more like the 22nd depending on where you live.

Now I know these pictures are a far cry from the weather we've been experiencing the past couple of days - soaring temperature, shorts and flip flops again!

But looking back at the few (thousand - cough) pictures I have taken over this past year - so far! I found these ones of the girls picking windfall pears - in the rain. Not very long ago in fact, when we were up in Worcester. Oh my how very long ago that seems. Really only a couple of weeks when you put it into perspective I guess.

Though these pictures do sum up the Summer we have had - wellies and raincoats and making the best of the weather though if truth be known I could of quite happily snuggled up and hibernated for the whole of August.

Saying that I was actally stood in the doorway at the time - in the warmth - watching the mad goings on as the girls scurried around collecting pears as they fell to the ground.

{if in doubt let's use a stick to bosh those apples and pears out of the tree - shaking didn't work!!}

Anyhow, the pears are now long gone, eaten within days of collecting. The holiday a long distant memory, but a memorable one nonetheless. And with Autumn officially on us I think I can now openly huddle up and hibernate - a little - as this is my favourite season of all.

Happy Autumn everyone - happy Autumn 'one and all'