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Seasonal Kitchen

Good morning -

did you have a lovely jubbly weekend or should that be bubbly??

As you may of gathered from my posting yesterday we made the most of the beach and the changeable autumnal weather. I do love the coast in the Autumn with it's mad rushing waves and exhilarating mood though unlike the kids us adults stayed firmly tucked up and sheltered from the elements.

It wasn't that windy as it goes, quite sunny actually, but with a definite breeze - enough to make some spectacular waves for jumping and boarding that is.

Anyhow, productiveness has gone into full swing in our kitchen over this past week with lots of foraging, allotmenting, jamming, pickling and freezing all being put to good use - do you remember last year?

We've made ::

Plum Jam, Blackberry Jam - or blackblees as the smallest Boo calls them and for every two we pick she helps herself to one!

Chilli Jam - I pinched this photo from last year as we have more green tomatoes then red at them moment and have only managed to produce the one teeniest of jars so far!

The Elderberries have been frozen for now until I can find the time to turn them into something as they are just as good for you, if not better in a concentrated vitamin kind of way then blueberries.

We also have apples falling at an amazing rate with all the wind and baskets are filling up with not only various varieties that we have in the garden, but windfall pears as well.

Not too sure what to do with the pears though.

I keep meaning to make some apple butter after reading Soule Mama's blog a week or so ago as this is a recipe that is not only new to me, but I had never heard of it before - does that make sense or does it mean one of the same thing?

Anyway, unless the garden fairies make me an apple storing thingy or I stumble across one on freecycle then most of these apples will get stewed and frozen for various pies, cakes and fillings over the upcoming (Winter) months.

I know you can wrap these in newspaper and then store them somewhere cool and dry, but the only place I have to do this is in the shed and the mice always get to them!

As you can see my 'photo shoot' was sabotaged by a certain little kitty cat - several times!!!

And lastly I picked up these heavenly delphiniums at the shops the other day - they are the bluest of blue, almost iridescent and look absolutely stunning on the worktop nestled in between my Iris jug and Grey dawn plate.

I wish I could grow delphiniums in the garden, but my green fingers only seem to stretch to buying a pregrown plant and then planting it out. No amount of tender loving care goes beyond one season!

Hey ho, maybe we will move to a house with an established garden.

Well that's our autumnal kitchen - for now. But with the harvest and foraging well underway, this is a season where our kitchen and store cupboards change on a weekly basis.

I do love this time of year and this is where my nesting instinct settle in. Though it's nesting in a snuggle up, get prepared and wrap up warm kind of way and even though my kitchen and home is functional to cater for our needs as a rather large family, in my head it is like a little warren filled with books, the smell of delicious things cooking in the oven like chocolate cake and fresh baked bread or a slow cook bubbling away on the stove with store cupboards filled to the brim and the smell of an open fire died down and the waft still lingering in the air - like a picture from Brambly Hedge and the Autumn story.

{on our windowsill at the moment}

Have a wonderful day.