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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Summer Hill

Good morning -

Wow - what a change around in the weather we are having this week (in the UK) and what another glorious start to the day again. Do you think this could be our Indian Summer?

Honestly it was so warm yesterday I had to hike my flip flops out from the back of my shoe draw - my feet were 'that' warm........really!!

Now this is how I like my Autumn.

Warm with a slight nip in the air, a little breeze so that everything ripples and rustles and sunshine - lots and lots of sunshine so all that is touched has a golden hue.

Well apart from all the icky sticky finger marks on every bit of surface that makes me feel like such a bad housewife that is!

Anyway, we had some very special visitors to Tabiboo HQ last week - all the way from a magical land called Summer Hill.

And what a delight to have them come stay at our warm and cosy little warren of a home.

These wonderful little bunnies travelled all the way across the water, had a fabulous train ride and then finally a very bumpy bike ride to make their way to our little home.

And at present are in hiding snuck away in my little craft room helping me prepare many secrets for a certain little Boo's upcoming 3rd birthday.

If it wasn't for all the giggles you can just about hear and the whispering of many secret things then you wouldn't even know they were there.

These beautiful little bunnies are the creation of the very talented and wonderful Catherine Young of Bumpkin Bears who illustrates the most fabulous images that not only delights a childs imagination, but any adult that holds onto the magical side of their childhood too.

And as these little bunnies are so dear to her heart I know in mine that they will be for the youngest Boo to treasure for many years to come.

Catherine says
'Bumpkin bears come from my childhood where idyllic days were spent out of doors at my Granny's home in the heart of the English countryside'.

For me this is something I too hold truly close to me as a special memory. Spending days at my grandparents exploring the woods and fields, finding treasures and being chased by the cows...or the odd farmer or two!!

And as to the surprise(s) we are plotting for the little Boo's birthday - well I will just have to leave that until the day.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy the sunshine - for who knows how long it will last.