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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Hello, hello -

you will never guess what madcap adventures we got up to at the weekend??

Tis true.

How mad and completely and utterly bonkers is that? - Very in my book of wacky things to do and - not very English at all it would seem - well I guess it was the 'World' championships!

The US team!

With a bit of cheese stuck on the top of his head - I'm not too sure how relevant that is?

We had a fantastic weekend, travelling North 'ish' (for us Southern folks that is) early Saturday morning then stopping with some of our bestest of friends in Stamford.

I was very good ladies, honestly I really was.

If you have ever been to Stamford you will totally understand why I mention this. The boutiques, the shops and the littlest of itsy bitsy fabulous, tempting, wonderful places to visit and part with your money, but........not one penny left my purse!

But 'oh' how fast I had to walk looking upwards and away taking in all the architecture and delights of the town. Mmmmmmmmm Stamford.

I was very verrrrrry good!

Anyhow, then on Sunday going a little closer to home, slightly further South. Ashton, Near Oundle, Northants.

A tiny little village that has had to reserve a field (or two) for this conkering feast of championships.

Whoo hooo - can you tell I was reallllly excited........conkers!!!

Those magnificent men in there conker machine!

A great day out had by all. Rides for the kids, beer for the blokes, cakes for the ladies and conkers for allllllllll.

And although our names were not pulled out of the hat to be entered into the competition - we did bring a supply of our very own conkers and had a little competition ourselves.

Just father and son, a few boshed fingers and a little bruised ego (I won't reveal who to save their embarrassment) and at least the band aids still came in good use.

And if you want to know who won - the championships that is not the Boo's little game then click on the championships link at the top of this page.

I hope you had a fun filled weekend too?