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Grasshoppers and New Friends

- not related, most definitely not connected and possibly not in that order either!

Another Monday morning and another weekend done and dusted - time seems to be just flying by at the moment.

I feel that at this rate - at this very moment in time - in a blink of an eye 2010 will be gone and another new year will be starting.

It is literally going that fast for me at the moment and believe me, I am not the kind of person to wish my life away - well not on the best of days that is.

Anyway, did you have a wonderful weekend??

I rendezvoused with Kay at the weekend in Whitstable for a snatched hour of chatting and hot chocolates.

Well I did have hot chocolate until Florrie reached over to pick something up, sending my mug and it's contents splattered all over the counter!

Though she was not on her bestest this weekend - Florrie that is not Kay as she is off today with tummy cramps and earache - tis that time of year again when 'The Lurgy' comes tap, tap, tappity - well more like kick the door down - in our little old household!

It was so nice to meet up with Kay finally as we have chatted over email for quite some time - another new friend met through the wonderful world of blogging.

Like minded, relaxed and like we have always known each other - isn't it weird when you have that kind of feeling? Like you've met somewhere, some place before?

And of course we did swapsies - my tomato jam, crackers and cheese for marshmallow tea, cookies and bread and butter sprinkles - really you sprinkle them on bread and butter, just like that.

To be honest I have never come across them before, but then again I have never been to the Netherlands before either- maybe one day though as it is a place I would love to visit.

Plus.......some inspirational magazines, hence all the random pictures.

And last, but by no means least - a most beautiful turquoise beaker that is now housing my vintage teaspoons - yes I collect old teaspoons! - All bundled up in a colourful and gorgeous bag.

I do hope Kay and I will have longer next time to chat, laugh, exchange stories and giggle as an hour went really far too fast.

And as for grasshoppers. Well putting lurgies aside I made a non alcoholic version of this green looking pie last night because to be honest, such is the title in Nigella's new cook book I just had to give it a go, but being non alcoholic it was really a peppermint grasshopper pie.

Though with minty chocolates crumbled and mixed into the base to really give it a real peppermint kick!

Though the Eldest Boo was not having any of it and would not even try the teeniest of morsels so convinced he was that it was made out of real grasshoppers. We have friends with lizards that like nothing better then to scoff on fresh grasshoppers!!

I wasn't offended at all because it is that yummy - all the more for me say I!

Though the littlest Boo has taken a liking to it too - just like her mum! - so I will have to share the odd crumb or two with her now.

And that's all folks - another weekend bites the dust. Before I know it I will be sat here again next Monday saying the very same thing!

Have a beautiful day and a fabulous week - here's to the up and coming weekend. Well I best get it in before another week passes!

Right - now for a Nigella raid of the fridge. It's gone past lunchtime so I think I can safely say that a little sweet treat is definitely in order and much needed to keep me going for the rest of the day.