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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Hello and how are you today? -

I'm feeling a little less jaded then I did yesterday and a bit more energised to say the least - it's amazing what miracles are worked when a weight is lifted off your shoulders - sorry for the moan and confession and huge great big thank you's for all your wonderful - insightful - messages. They really did bolster me up no end.

It's good to know I'm not the only one that feels like they are constantly chasing their tails and I think Steph nailed it on the head for me by saying that she can't even get past the tidying to do the actual cleaning - it does just feel like an absolutely constant, and I can't even add most days as that would be untruthful - it is every single day.

But the message that struck a cord for me the most and made me feel like saying 'yep' this is OK was Sarah's who said that us crafty types are destined to have messy houses as we raise crafty kids and people that visit feel more homely .

I have to say this is honestly true. All that are welcomed into our humble little home comment on how relaxed they feel and always end up curled up on a sofa with a cuppa for a natter - not looking around nervously at all the mess and clutter.

For me being able to stick your feet up on a sofa and not start searching for the nearest coaster is the absolute praise any homemaker could have.

I'd hate to feel like you were standing to attention too frightened to relax and always on guard, like stepping into some kind of show home - gawd knows I have many a friend with a home like this and even though the friend is a true dear heart, I really hate spending even half an hour in there home. Always worried that the kids are creating a mess, making mental notes where the kitchen towel, broom and bin is kept.

And I do completely understand that it won't be forever - cherish what you have for within a blink of an eye all those frustratingly messy moments will be gone and your left standing alone wondering when the next visit or phone call will be.

Though hopefully that is a very long time away and it won't happen instantaneously. Like one day I'm sat glittering and gluing with the children laughing and chatting the day away, planning what to have for lunch and worrying about the tidy up later, then waking up the very next morning and all will be still, my fledglings having left the nest - but hey my home is nice and tidy.

No that is not how I want to feel. So for now I go on living my homely life, enjoying, loving and laughing.

But it does one good to bash their heads against the odd wall and say 'surely for once, could you just put the toilet seat down, hang your coat up, make your bed and please, please, please put your shoes away? Because honestly and truly it really does give mummy more time to spend with you instead of having to pick up all the time' Daft I know and I'm sure this all seems pretty petty, but I'm only human - not a robot!

I think for me yesterday was just needing to stop and zoom out or zoom in, which ever way you look at it. I just needed to stop and be still for awhile because even the simplest of life's can become over whelming.

Anyhow, all I wanted to say was a great big thank you - to throw my arms around you all in one enormous virtual hug!

To be honest I was going to blog about something completely different today, but I had so much to say and comment on all your wonderful messages that I kind of felt it needed a separate post, rather then tack it onto the end of something else.

So on that note I will leave you with a little teaser of a picture. The lady in hand will know exactly what I am referring to and I will - I promise - let you know what I am wittering on about tomorrow.

Thank you again - for understanding, listening and caring enough to send me a message. It's good to know - even if you do have to be told every now and again - your not alone and I am actually listening.

Nina xXx