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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Silver Pebble

Hello there - is it drizzling where you are too today?

I'm really rubbish - I very rarely check the weather, but tend to do the old lick a finger and stick it out of the window to judge which way the wind is blowing to get a feeling of how a day is going to fair.

I did this on Monday morning - which in fairness was quite reasonable and decided to wash some curtains.

And here we are on Thursday and they are still hanging outside, damp and looking very miserable for themselves - hey ho, here's hoping a bit of Autumn blustery weather will come our way - soon!!

Old wives tales - stupid, I know!

Anyhow - I always seem to do this.

Start with good intentions then get pulled in a different direction, chatting about the first thing that pops into my head.

It just so happens I'm sat looking out of the french windows at my poor and drizzly drenched curtains at the moment!!

Right, enough of that back to Silver Pebble.

Now I'm a great believe in credit where credit is due and I've wanted to dedicate a post to a very lovely lady that I've gradually got to know over my couple of years of blogging and whom I recently purchased some of her wares from.

Of course it would only of been Emma that would of recognised the card at the end of my post yesterday as it was her that sent it to me.....along with some absolutely gorgeous handmade jewellery.

Now I'm not normally one to indulge myself in such things as I'm a bit of an old fashioned girl in that way.

But after much drooling, hinting, pointing, nudging and the odd elbow poke in the ribs to Mr Boo - honestly what are men like? And with an all important wedding of a best and oldest friend at the end of this month what can a girl do? I indulged!!

Though saying that I unashamedly confess to buying flowers by the armfuls - what's the point in waiting for them?

I even had a bit of a giggle with the lady at the checkout counter in the Supermarket earlier this week when she asked me if I would like my flowers wrapped? I answered 'No that's OK because I'm buying them for myself' in which we both agreed it was the only time either of us ever received flowers. Oh how we chuckled.

But putting flowers and unashamedly confession aside and back to Emma and her beautiful jewellery.

I've adored Emma's work ever since I first discovered her - if you can't already tell. Her love of nature and the way she works this into every single piece is just stunning and beautiful and very, very me.

Each item a one off as is the case with handmade. Meticulously loved with such thought and understanding then transformed with delicacy and care. Every detail thought of and crafted with affection.

It wasn't until I had received my purchases that I truly understood how intricately woven each item, each piece and each tiny little detail is carefully designed.

Breath taking cannot explain my thoughts when I unwrapped the individual packages because even though their beauty is absolutely dazzling the weight in your hand of a single item feels almost like air - as light as a feather.

And I have also mentioned she has a fabulous blog too?

I do hope I've done some justice to her work as 'oh my' photographing jewellery is a lot more difficult then I thought it would be and to be honest, I did put quite a bit of thought in.

Waiting for a nice bright day and trying to be sympathetic to each piece. Zooming in and stepping back, but I still had trouble capturing what I was feeling. I guess that is the difficulty - how do you capture a feeling?

Even changing from a light background to a dark didn't seem to give me that perfect picture of emotions.

Anyhow - and this is more directed at Mr Boo - I can now say 'I have an Emma Mitchell design...or three' - thank you Emma - I love, love, love my purchase(s) and as you already know - sod the wedding I'm wearing at least two of the pieces.....everyday!!!