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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Winter Warmer

A couple of weeks ago whilst doing the food shopping, I happened to over hear a conversation between two ladies in the hot chocolate aisle.

Now I'm not normally one for ear wigging, but it was a chocolate related conversation so whilst mulling over (in a hot chocolate kind of way) whether I should go for Cadburys or treat myself to Green and Blacks (again) my ears pricked up.

The conversation was about the cream liqueur 'Baileys' and how both were of the same mind that they didn't really care for that kind of tipple - I have to say......I agree. Disgusting stuff though Mr Boo likes it so who am I to object?

Anyhow, lady one was saying to lady two that she had been to friends recently for a little get together and that an after dinner drink was offered - a said Baileys - which she courteously declined because of her not liking the stuff and all.

So the dinner host said that maybe she would like to try a little in some hot chocolate which lady one thought 'OK doesn't sound toooooo bad, maybe I should give it a go' plus not wanting to be rude.

Well the long and short of the conversation was that it concluded with lady one admitting that it was the most delightful thing that she had ever tasted in her hot chocolate and (voices lowered) she was already (yep already) three quarters of a way through a 700ml bottle!! Tut, tut.

So what do you think little old me tried as soon as she got home?

OK so not as soon as I got home, because I still had to put the shopping away and face the whole day of other - responsible - stuff like picking the kids up from school and cooking dinner. You know that realllllly important stuff.

That was one verrrrry long day I can tell you!!!

Though when night fell and with the little ones all tucked up in bed fast asleep - checked and double checked!! - I tucked into Mr Boo's stash of Baileys. With hot chocolate as well of course.


It is absolutely gorgeous and I have to agree the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted in my hot chocolate - ever, uh huh! It tastes nothing like a cream liqueur drink and makes your hot chocolate wonderfully creamy with a hint of something naughty.

Though I think I may of been a little over zealous with the Baileys of an evening and might need to replace the bottle pretty sharpish. Well before Mr Tabiboo realises I have been sneaking myself the odd dram or two of his favourite Christmas tipple - oopps......and hiccup!!

The perfect Winter warmer and a capful added to whisked up hot chocolate with a dollop of double cream in the top for good measure makes all the stresses of the day just vanish, vamoosh and completely wash away.

Mini stollens - optional.

Maybe that's why I'm a little tired of an evening and keep falling asleep before nine - it has nothing to do with three children and their heavy Christmas schedules - mmmmmmmm, maybe?

Have a beautiful day and a most wonderful weekend - we have a tree to get (firstly) then decorate - eeeekkkkk, Christmas is coming!!!