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Bed Sheet to Nighties

Back in the Autumn I found a rather large fetching vintage bed sheet in pristine condition - not used I reckoned - decorated with pink 'scattered' flowers in a pre loved shop.

At first I walked straight past it thinking 'nope' I just don't do 'can't do' pink - even though a certain 'young lady' would love it on her bed.

I even checked the label to make sure it wasn't modern and ummed and aahhhed for a good ten minutes.

In fact I seem to remember actually leaving the shop and going home without a care in the world or a second thought for that bed sheet.

Until days later - a notion popped into my head.

Could I?


But 'oh no' what if it had gone!

It seems I wasn't the only one that had ummed and aahhed over that bed sheet because much to my joy, there it was still on the pre loved (unloved) rail I had left it on.

The notion that popped into my head was nighties - I do so love nighties.

I love pj's too, nice big, comfy, perfectly fitted pj's. But there is just something a little bit old fashioned and girlie about a good old nightie - preferably in the softest and warmest of flannel that reaches all the way down to your ankles (well at least calves) to keep the draughts out though at the end of the day if it has good swishage then who am I to complain?!

Plus you have to work with what you've got so a vintage bed sheet scattered with pink flowers - all over it - was just how it was to be.

So days before Christmas - and I literally means days - I sat at my little husky and whipped up a couple of nighties for my girls.

One with a red bow, the other a purple bow.

And I think my girls seem to agree ::

Ankle length - tick.

Swishage - tick, tick.

Tuck your knees up under your chin with your nightie pulled down over your toes and with out mum telling you not to because the fabric will stretch - tick, tick, tick!

Ticks all round methinks.

Which makes me a very happy, uncomplaining and content mum......wellllll sort of.

All I have to do now is wait for some lighter evenings so I can actually take a picture of my girls in there thrifted vintage bed sheet all cut up and sewn beautifully into nighties!

Not a big ask...........really?