Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Hello Sun

Aaahhhhh deep breath and...........sigh!

Today must be the most perfect day of the year so far - for me anyhow.

All the little ones are out for the whole day and I'm here, home alone with only the sun streaming in for company touching almost every thing she shines upon leaving me to wander around the house and garden just pottering, musing, sitting and staring and well doing pretty much nothing important at all - it is a very good feeling.

I even made granola this morning - gosh I must be feeling good.

Not wanting to curl up, hibernate, reach for the biscuit tin and cream topped hot chocolate is a definite shift in emotion for me. Winter melancholy lifting...maybe.

And flowers, flowers every where in vases, jugs and bulbs in cups just make me feel all the more cheerier.

Though a certain bloom of daffs are getting a little bit too whiffy. Every time I enter the house I think 'has that blasted cat done a whoopsie somewhere' knowing full well it's not within his nature - he's very much a loner and comes and goes as he pleases - Tabiboo Towers is how he affectionately thinks of us!

But you know when you smell something and you're just not sure? Well it's the daffs. But they are just far too cute to chuck out - even if they do smell a bit and make you want to wrinkle your nose.

Spring flowers are one of my most favourite of the year until I can cut my own. Plus already - I've noticed - widely available in the shops which just makes January all the more better for me.

Only the tips of promise are pushing through the soil at the moment shooting up towards the sky though the first snowdrops were spotted at the weekend and we stopped to listen to a song bird early yesterday evening singing her heart out.

Just that small simple pleasure lifts my spirits no end.

Well I really should be cleaning the bathroom at the moment - hey ho - instead I have just come in from outside where I've been perched on our little stone wall next to our discarded camp fire drinking a cup of chamomile, face up to the sun giving thanks for the blue skies and warmth today, half kicking myself for not hanging the washing out this morning.

Hanging the washing out - in the garden - in January - to dry- now that is mad!!

Hope you're having a beautiful day too.