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Seasonal Cooking

Food for Friends and Family

~ by Sarah Raven ~

As requested - after spotting over Christmas - my copy of Sarah Raven's latest cookbook, I thought I would share with you my feelings and views on this book - as an unbiased view I can have that is.

I love it!

But I don't think that will cover it somehow.

OK - so what do I love about this book?

Well apart from looking good, bright and colourful, but not too much in your face - and that's just from the front cover - though this theme does carry on throughout the book - for its average size it is quite hefty and not surprisingly really.

From opening the book it is separated into a format I understand and love - seasonal.

What's the point in finding a delicious recipe if practically the ingredients you need are out of season, hard to get by and then are totally tasteless?

The cooking fun may of been there, but where's the pleasure in eating?

I'm a seasonal gal so for me seasonal rocks.

And from a readers perspective?

Well, I can tell that Sarah has poured a lot of love into this book from just reading the intros into the food she cooks - a book for family, for friends, a love of and wanting to provide in a down to earth, but creatively, growing, cooking and feeding way.

But looking at this book from a different angle - the way it has been photographed by John Buckley.

His pictures portraying the whole book are utterly inspiring - for me the pictures are just as important as the writing - inspiring in themselves, but speak absolute volumes too.

So hand in hand this book has a perfect pairing - both creative in there own and different ways and very very tempting.

'Oh' and it also smells good - the paper and the book that is.

A book not only has to look good to get me interested, but it has to be tactile as well.

Right so that's my sensible head, now for a quick - Worzel Gummidge - swap and let's get back to the usual 'rose tinted glasses' waffle you are use to.

What can I say? - Sarah is one of my goddesses, I simply adore all that she creates and stands for and it would be ever so hard for me to wax lyrical about this book as I could simply go on and on and on forever.

And really, I'm sure you don't want me to do that as you probably have your own views and opinions anyway. Especially if you already have a copy of this taste bud tantalising cookbook or have read/borrowed it at some point - plus it would just be me spouting on about someone I idolise.

I do have one little confession though.

I didn't get this book for Christmas.

Well technically I did, but I bought it for myself because........!

It was on my Amazon wish list and I was expecting it for Christmas, but somebody forgot!!! Even though I specifically put it on my Santa letter and even set up a wish list so that all they had to do was pop a few things into the virtual basket and pay for them.

This did not happen - so I bought it for myself. Needs must sometimes.

So that's my new cookbook which not only has inspired me, but has also got my creative juices flowing - from a photography point of view as well as hunger - and I really can't wait to start cooking from it.

Just need to get my appetite back now!

Here's to a fabulous rainy, grey and murky day - I think I might go and light the fire and curl up with a hot chocolate with Jack Daniels - that's one recipe from the book I do have a taste for. See the picture above.