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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Half term is like Marmite - either you love it or hate it.

Not getting up at stupid o'clock to make lunches, jostle little ones out of their slumber, politely encouraging them to get up for the umpteenth time 'get dressed, have breakfast and maybe (possibly) even have a wash or at least brush your teeth and hair - plllllllllease'

Rush, rush, rush.

The phrase 'old fishwife' and 'mum sounds like one' springs to mind on a school term weekday!

Nag, nag, nag.

Though come 9.15 when all are where they are suppose to be, you are left with six pure hours of stillness. Home to a peaceful house full of nothing, but quiet and mooching. Ahhhhhhhh - I do like to mooch.

Silence, calm and tranquility.

Though the knock on effect - due to my early start - is that I'm always cream crackered come 10.30.


In half term you can get up when you like and stay in your jim jam's until way past lunch, maybe not even getting dressed at all. Though a wash at some point would be a good thing, just to avoid wrinkled noses.

We can play and potter or maybe just do nothing, slobbing around all day if the fancy takes us.

Though the downside of that is you could be faced with a house full of little ones all fueled up and bored! Mum, mum, mumming - I'm hungry, what can I do, can I call so and so to come round and play, mum, mum, muuuuuuum.............I'm soooooooo bored!

Struggling to find something to do that will entertain your little ones - desperately arranging play dates.

Hey, ho you can't have it all.

Did I mention the not getting up and slobbing around in your jim jam's till noon?

I have to admit to preferring the latter, just the good bits mind you like no early rises, not getting dressed, not nagging - most important - slobbing if we wish and most definitely, absolutely no fishwives.

My guys are not too bad, we/they always find something to do.

They have their fights and little tit for tats like most siblings - tale telling I simple cannot abide - but normally they play OK'ish' and find things to amuse themselves.

Plus failing all that I could always suggest - like my mother before me - that maybe they would like to go clean their rooms 'or' help mum do something equally boring like.......polish the brass! Like I have any (tut) but it works every time.

It's amazing - when given the choice - how quickly a 'I'm bored' turns into a disappearing act with non resurface until hunger hits in.

So here's to slobbing - and balancing - with my little ones this half term. Please don't fly by too quickly.

Have a wonderful day and an adventurous week.

Which one do you prefer? Term or half term.


ps. If you're wondering about my 'weird' choice in pictures today wellllll, I opened my new bars of shampoo and conditioner this morning and just loved the colour combination so decided to have a little play with other colours I love. Makes all complete and utter sense really. N xxx