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French Fancies

I was rather naughty last week and ordered - on a whim - some rather fanciful french patisserie goodies.

~ Macarons ~

Now I know the new wave is all about the macaron or macaroon - however you pronounce/say it - and although I'm not one to usually follow the crowd (I do like to be a bit individual) I have been spying more and more these tempting, decorative, pretty little confectionery treats adorning the best of the best in blog town.

Curiosity won out at the end of the day, but where to buy?

Not around these parts I'm afraid.

So I Googled - as you do - and found that I could order online.

All delivered beautifully and promptly in a rather gorgeous little golden box with gold ribbon and pull draws.

So what do they taste like?

If you've never tried a macaron before that is.

Welllll - I would have to say a bit like a mini chewy meringue, not cakey at all and all with their own distinct flavour and filled with scrummy ganache.


I think my favourite has to be lemon - so far.

And just in case the little people discovered my rather expensive delicious whim I hid them very, very well.

Mr Boo and I may not do lovey, dovey Valentine's day, but we do know how to have a spot of tea and cake.

Not something I would order or dine on every single week, but my curiosity is satisfied - and so is my sweet tooth.

However saying that I did discover on my favourite cooking programme on Monday 'how' to make macarons so who knows, if I can master how to make these tasty little morsels then maybe I will be dining on them for my elevenses every single day.

Have a good one.