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Homespun Peanut Butter Cups

We are big fans of peanut butter here at Tabiboo HQ - especially if it's covered/contains chocolate.

Mmmmmmmmmm.....peanut butter and chocolate - yum!

And out of all the 'off the shelf' products out there Reese's is our all time favourite.

From creamy peanut butter exported from the states to their signature peanut butter cups - more mmmmmmmmm and yum, yum, yum!

Now I'd like to say I've recently discovered a recipe that allows me to make these myself - peanut butter cups that is, but I've actually been making them for years - with the help of Nigella.

Not a personal buddy of mine - unfortunately, but thanks to this recipe found in her book 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' I can whip up my own - homespun as she puts it - batch of peanut butter cups as and when I like.

And I like.......a lot.

No cooking - only when melting the chocolate and that's not really cooking - and absolutely no fuss. Just how I like my cooking.

I have over the years though stopped making these in a tin as I've found trying to cut them up into squares once set frustratingly impossible and assembling them into cupcake cases are equally tricky. So I've resorted to using these rather cute silicone chocolate cases that a very dear friend of mine sent me.

Not only does it make assembling very very easy, but they set super fast - within an hour I would say.

Just enough time to clear the decks and do the washing and drying up before grabbing a couple to accompany a bottom parking and foot putting up session.

~ Delicious ~

Beats waiting around for a whole afternoon checking and re checking to see if the chocolate has set.....yet!

The only downside though is that most of my friends have started taking a liking to my homespun goodies - hence the bag all ready packed and waiting to go!!

Have a cosy day - it's raining with us today!

Happy baking.