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Teapigs and Cake

On the grimmest of days what else is there left to do then settle yourself down with a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.

The cake doesn't matter too much as long as it's tasty - chocolate, plain, sliced, cupcake or iced - it matters 'not a jot' to me as long as there is cake.

But for me the tea has to be good - really good - to even bother putting the kettle on.

Which is why I choose 'Teapigs'

Sorry that sounded so cheesy, like an advert from the 50's - I'm just randomly picking an era from the top of my head by the way. All adverts are cheesy in my opinion.

Anyhow, I've just recently been introduced to 'Teapigs'

Loose tea in a little - very tactile - silk like pouch.

If you like your tea - herbal or plain - and it has to be flavoursome, then these guys have really hit the spot on the old tea front. Plus they have an adorable mug range too.

The chamomile is divine and the peppermint and liquorice 'oh my word' - sweet peppermint tea with a licorice after taste - devilishly moreish.

I'm not so keen on the spiced Winter red tea, but each to there own.

Oooohhhh - and I still have to try the darjeeling and earl grey tea. I'm saving that for a morning alone magazine moment.

Gawd knows when that will be, but I know when it happens it will be good.

Dreary days stuck indoors - Teapigs and cake............perfect.


ps. thank you for all your brilliant messages yesterday concerning my blog they were all most helpful.

Also if you've asked for help with enlarging your pictures, I've tried to email personally where I can - I hope you've got them? And if not drop me a line with your email address (if I haven't already asked) and I will try and help out where I can.

pps. where I say delete width and height, but no commas or dashes - I mean no commas or dashes either side of width and height. Hope that makes sense?

- Nina xxx
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