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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


For as long as I can remember I have always always wanted a Polaroid camera.

But in the new era of digital 'why?'

It's clunky, the pictures are streaky and grainy and as for the film well, notoriously expensive - not to mention very very hard to come by since Polaroid have stopped making it.

But there are some new kids on the block and it seems I am not the only one still in love with this picture photo development.

So what if the film is difficult (and expensive) to find - it's not impossible.

I paid £17 for a pack of eight and could only find it in silver - the camera was a fraction of the price. As one would say :: probably vintage, maybe archaic and even possibly retro! The old 600 range that is.

It's almost a bit like one of those old fashioned pictures you have taken as a family dressed up in the wild west or something looking at the quality of these pictures.

Still nonetheless I love Polaroid pictures. Always have done, always will do.

But even I have to agree this is more of a 'big girlie toy' and one that I will not be indulging in for all my photographic adventures. Fun though, nostalgic 'oh yes' and it will most definitely not be shoved to the back of a cupboard.

So let me introduce you to my other 'new' toy - a Polaroid Zink. A photographic printer that requires no ink. In girlie pink 'yes, I know' but at the time it was cheaper then the black version.

OK so the printed pictures are not exactly ginormous. More the size of a business card I'd say.

But they do have a peelable back so you can stick them anywhere you like.

So far they've been stuck on and slipped into birthday cards. Given to friends (the kids) to remember a special moment within a play date. An angel and a fairy spring to mind only recently.

It was really nice to capture that moment and then print it off - as many times as you like - to give as a little departing gift.

Again not cheap, but a lot cheaper then old Polaroid film and far more accessible and easy to find.

Polaroid desire - well and truly fixed......for now!

Have a super day.


Info ::

Polaroid camera and film bought from Ebay.
Polaroid Zink and film bought from Amazon.