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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Poxy Chicken

Since Sunday we've had a very up and down unwell little girl.

One minute she was burning up and shivering all at the very same time. Complaining that her throat hurt and ear ached. Unsettled and crying continuously - nothing would soothe her. Well until the recommended dose of paracetamol kicked in.

The next she would be dancing around, laughing like a trooper and generally being back to her normal cheeky little monkey self.

And as for sleeping - I wish!

Don't they just worry the hell out of you sometimes?!

Then late last night I found the tiniest blistered spot on her head. I discounted it because of the fact it was so small and so clear you could barely see it. She slept like a log last night....and so did I! Hurray - all is well.

Fast forward to this morning. The blistered spot was gone and my little boo was all jolly again - no ear ache, no sore throat and most definitely no temperature. What ever it was had worked it's way out of her body. Phew.

Until..........I got her dressed.

Tummy - fine. Face - fine. Arms and legs - fine. Back of the ears - fine.

Let's just quickly take a look at your back - what's that? And that? And that, that, that and that!

Six spots all blistered and a little bit (by a lot) bigger then the one I found on her head which as I looked closer realised she had scratched and was now not so little and not so clear, but a red and angry knocked blistered spot.

We have the Pox. Chicken Pox that is.

Well, the littlest Boo has Chicken Pox.

So that's what all the ear, throat, restless sleep and temperature was all about. It all makes sense now.

And do you know what? I am so relieved. Not because she has come through the worst of it and it's just the spots now - though the good nights sleep was most welcome last night and we do have to keep her incubated (so to speak) until the last spot has popped! No I'm relieved because I feel like I have been waiting such a long time for her to get it.

All her other little buddies have had it - ages ago. I was kind of feeling a little left out.

What ever happened to having a Chicken Pox party?

Anyhow, today we've had a play far. I'm hoping she'll settle with a DVD later and have a snooze. There's no harm in hoping is there?

Well best get back to it - another puzzle to make, another sticker to be stuck. Yay for Chicken Pox.

Have a lovely day yourself - Chicken Pox.........anyone?