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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Weekend Retreat

Afternoon all - is it still misty with you?

We've had back to back mist rolling in off (I think) the sea all this week - so far - where I'm guessing the air is trying to warm up, but that darn sea is just too cold - so grey of a different kind.


Just a quick one today as I've got three lots of outfits to organise and three lots of cakes to bake all for Friday - plus I have a very special friend coming to tea tomorrow that I've promised a batch of caramel shortbread to.

Mmmmmm.......caramel, good company and chocolate!

Now I know I've posted quite a few pictures of the weekend we went away in half term. You know the ones that went missing! Well I thought I would post the very last ones - the ones I've been promising for at least a fortnight now of our long weekend away in West Sussex.

We stopped in 'the most' gorgeous farmhouse - the stuff of my dreams I have to say. And even though it was jaw droopingly beautiful I would say we were merely a week or so away from being in full Spring bloom and totally amazing.

We were greeted by a sweeping driveway that led up to the house surrounded by fields and sheep baa-ing.

Much nicer than seagulls squawking trying to pull apart the bins and poo on your head.

Our stay was only short - three days tops, but those three days were filled with such adventure and dreaming 'oh' such wonderful dreaming.

Free time was spent sat around the farmhouse table - in the kitchen next to the AGA may I add - waiting for damp coats to dry and eating homemade lemon drizzle cake. Chatting, planning, drawing, laughing, eating, drinking and playing cards.

When out we rambled across muddy fields in our wellies looking for signs of early Spring and all manner of nature. Plus a territorial farmer with a shot gun shouting 'oy you don't come from round these parts - get off moy land!' said in my best Hampshire accent of course.

The eldest Boo had to do a demonstration - much to an annoyed middle Boo.

We explored, relaxed, sat out in the sun, played country life, regenerated our head space and all in all had a jolly good time.

Looking at the picture below I can't believe I forget how beautiful the South Downs are. I just wish I had appreciated them more when I was growing up.

But there is always planning and dreaming.

It's good to dream.

Aaaahhhhh - one day.....maybe.